Jung Min guested earlier today in ShimShim TaPa, a radio show where Park Gyuri (Kara) will be the new DJ along with Super Junior’s Shindong. She will be replacing Kim Shin Young on the show. On their first broadcast, Jung Min was invited as guest. The show aired today at 12:05 am. Jung Min and Gyuri are perhaps the closest among SS501-Kara members and their support for each other is obvious. In fact, in Intimate Note 2, Jung Min said that of all the Kara members, Gyuri is his favorite. Does this have to do with them having the same family name? Kekeke. In the show, they also called Jung Min the "Joke Player" of SS501. Agree? Yes!!! Haha!

We know that Mal is usually seen sketching whenever he's in radio shows, presscons, or practically anywhere as long as he has a pen and paper, right? Well, here are some of his sketches from the show. Kekeke. He's really good, isn't he?

Credit: 차가운꽃@SS601


adelina tan said...

jung min oppa cute..

Anonymous said...

are they dating each other???

phtriples said...

i don't think so. gyuri is just the closest of the kara members to jung min. and kara is ss501's junior. i don't think they're dating.

Anonymous said...

Huh, dating? Isn't Gyuri's image a huge diff from Go So Young?

Erica Lim said...

but they hav the same personality

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