This is the 6th video I made for SS501's Leader Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong is one supermassive HOT guy! He makes simple things like walking, driving, swimming, and dancing look extremely good. His stares are sexy, his smile is electrifying and his commanding presence is just captivating! WARNING: May induce fainting spells and heart attacks.

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Hyun Joong videos I made:
  1. A Smile Like Yours
  2. The 4D World Of Kim Hyun Joong
  3. Can't Help Falling In Love With Kim Hyun Joong
  4. I Think I'm Falling In Love
  5. Hot & Sexy Kim Hyun Joong
  6. Supermassive Hot Kim Hyun Joong


Anonymous said...

You are right there -I held my breath involuntarily while watching ! His Sexiness is really awesome and you are awesome as well picking the right frames and pics to go with the video .

That is good ,always put a warning sign -so that nobody can sue you ,your video is hazardous to fan health !LOL

Anonymous said...

i love him..and ill be always here for him whenever he needs me....faye here....

Anonymous said...

I saw in another blog his pics when young and after just debuting -what a difference !Actually I like him with more flesh (fed by ramyun noodles LOL)but I supposed adult activities exact that price and requirements of modelling certain standards to meet .

Lt said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

whoever u are..
thank you so much 4 posting dis vid..
after I watched d video..
i need more oxygen!!
i can't breathe..
really..his hotness would kill million of girls.!
esp. that shower scene.. :p
i'm totally hypnotized and now madly inlove with Kim Hyun Joong!!!! :)

phtriples said...

I'm Kate, and I'm glad you liked my video... Kim Hyun Joong has smitten you too, huh? Well, we're all on the same boat here. Keke. Thanks for watching!

Anonymous said...

love kim HJ. foreeeeeever *o*

Anonymous said...

he's so cool. i watched him as Baek seong jo in playful kiss..i was in awe.

Anonymous said...

That is THE BEST video of KHJ I have ever seen. Actually, I cannot believe this is made by a fan. Are you a pro? You succeeded to create a flow of sensations. Thanks. :)

alji said...

mEi God he's so cute ..
He's deadly kagwapuhan..

Anonymous said...

omg :51 KILLED ME
Y U SO SEXEHHHH!!!!!! he need to posted more beutiful pics of himself on teh internetz..... :)

Antenaina Andriamihaja said...

*o* Heart attacks...

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