May 5, 2010

Message From CEO Park

Jung Min wrote a message in Royal Avenue and he seems really cheerful! I would think so after his successful opening party last May 1. He talks about the new look of his online mall and invites fans and customers to check his store out. Business seems to be booming, ya?


Title: This is Royal Ave's Human Resources
Name: Representative Park Jung Min

This is the HR Representative.

Royal Ave finally have a new Re-OPEN(ing)~~
How was it, the Royal Ave new look? ^ ^
Everyone, do you like it?^ ^
If you want to leave good comments, you can do so at the QnA bulletin board!! ^ ^
Make your way along Royal Ave ~

'Lapin Carrot' is French. Rabbit = Lapin~! Carrot is Carrot... ㅎㅎ
You get the rough meaning? ^ ^ We produced many products and this will be shown in the future.
Do not miss it~!

And as for brands, designs, and others ~!! We will be posting up many more pretty stuffs~
Will have a wide range of beautiful things for you to choose from.
Styling your life with Royal Ave Now!! ^0^*

Because many more posts and information will be uploaded daily~
Often often come to play at Royal Ave~!!ㅎㅎ

Head straight to Royal Ave
Come and join hands with your friends!!!ㅎㅎ
(Dreaming of a pyramid company..ㅋㅋ/keke)

From Representative Park Jung Min

Credits: Royal Ave + SS601 + (Translation) crazynoona @


dieb aziz said...

i've visited the site (royal ave) and it's awesome! I love it !!
but I don't even understand all the contents of the site (except the prices) because all of them in hangul..
I really interested to buy accessory from the site but i don't know how to do..
want to as ceo in Q&A, but the site requires something that I don't know the meaning.

I hope that jung min will consider to provide his site in english too, so it's easier to us (outside of korea)

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