Jung Min had a party for Royal Avenue Opening yesterday, at 501 Day! If you visit his online store, Royal Avenue, you will see that the layout of the whole site has been changed. And you will also see that more products have been added! Jung Min's business is really taking off! I heard that in the party yesterday, Leader and Baby were present, but Leader left the party earlier. I really love how the members support each other. Rainbow was also there. Kyu and Saengie, I guess they're still in Japan. Here are photos of Maknae arriving at the venue yesterday, looking all good and cheerful. Congratulations for the Fun Opening Party and the success of Royal Avenue Jung Minnie! VIEW MORE PICS HERE.

Credit: Pretty Boy

Tom & Jerry with Rainbow...

Hahaha. No matter what, the HORSE will never be absent. Oh, Mal.

Jae Kyung with an iPAD (is that hers, or Maknae's?)

Credit: http://twitter.com/JaeKyung_K


sanny said...

CEO Park fighting !! :) I'll always love you ^^

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Baby looks great! :3

The store looks good too, haha xD

janelle said...

dsp family =) i wish kara also attended. i miss jungmin x gyuri x) lol.

baby looks really handsome in that pic. awwww... can't wait for their comeback

janelle said...

in jaekyung's twitter she mentioned that the ipad is baby's =) she just borrowed it from him.

Anonymous said...

Leader left early because he had another meeting with BYJ that afternoon (accdg to news leaked in a blog)in the latter's resto .

mokona said...

mal XD it would be great to visit the shop though :) i wanna see that little mal there.

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