SS501′s unveiled the pictorial of 501day comeback album at midnight of May 1st

It opened last February at Asia Tour ‘persona’ encore performance on the stage that 501-day designated as 1st day of May, the originated day promised to release an album of SS501.

Although the album is released, not with the fans to keep the promise of the album, but some pictorial cuts has been shown in public.

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong left message begins with “It’s not much time left” to reveal pictorial album open all through the official website.

To thank fans for the finishing and hinted at tension and anticipation for the new album.

Pictorial album open received such a hot reaction that SS501 official website’s server is down.

The SS501 releases will be released in May.

Credits: Taiwan yahoo news + (English Translation) ss501fighting


Here are a few wallpapers lifted from SS601 to grace your desktops... Click on the images to ENLARGE.

Credit: Double


Anonymous said...

Love it<333
Can't wait

Anonymous said...

hi there..i'll just ask why baby's wallpaper is the one will appear if i click jungmin's wallpaper (for enlargement)..hehehe..thank u...i just thought that it was too unfair for mal if he doesn't appear on my wallpaper's slide show..kamsahamnida...

phtriples said...

Hi, I replaced Jung Minnie's wallpaper. Sorry about that. You can click it, and it should be okay now. :)

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Thank you for these, I always count on you for my SS501 updates! ^^

Anonymous said...

WOW!! i luv deze pikss!!

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