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The concert of Korean boyband U-KISS which was scheduled for tomorrow night at the Araneta Coliseum has been postponed "due to unforeseen circumstances," concert organizers announced Wednesday.

Danny Chua, representative of the boyband’s Korean management team NH Media, said the concert dubbed U-KISS 1st Kiss Tour in Manila has been postponed for next month.

He did not specify the actual concert date. However, the group’s fans on the social networking website Facebook and micro-blogging website Twitter are already saying that the concert will be held on June 14, Monday.

Malacañang -- following the so-called "holiday economics" policy in which holidays that fall on weekends are to be marked on the nearest suceeding Monday -- earlier declared June 14 a holiday to commemorate the country’s Independence Day. Independence Day, June 12, falls on a Saturday.

U-KISS (which stands for Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star) is a seven-man Korean boy band formed two years ago in Seoul, South Korea. The group’s members -- Alexander, Soo Hyun, Ki Bum, Kiseop, Eli, Kevin Woo, and Dong Ho -- were all in Manila last March to promote their first full-length album, Only One, which was released worldwide in February.

In a message on his Twitter page, Alexander said he was disappointed, but he remains "optimistic that the show will still go on" and "hopes that fans will understand."

To compensate fans for the postponement, Mr. Chua said Ki Bum’s brother, Kim Hyung Joon, will join the concert next month. Kim Hyung Joon is a member of the Korean boyband SS501.

U-KISS was formed two years ago. The group debuted in Japan in August 2008 alongside another Koran boy band, Paran. A month later, U-KISS released its first mini-album, N-Generation, with its carrier single "Not Young."

While part of U-KISS, members have also engaged in a variety of activities as solo entertainers -- acting in dramas and musicals, hosting variety shows, and releasing solo singles.

In February last year, U-KISS released its second mini album, Bring It Back 2 Old School, which contains the song "I Like You."

Afterwards, the group began promotional activities in China, and Thailand. Last November, the group announced the addition of a seventh member, Kiseop, before releasing their third mini album, Conti Ukiss, which has the carrier single "Man Man Ha Ni."

Credit: to www.bworldonline.com


Anonymous said...

i am so glad i bought a ticket! i'm not totally in love with u-kiss, but still,i had a feeling hyung jun would be there, my SS501 senses were tingling XD. and now it's confirmed!! weeeee!!

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

That's wonderful, I'm happy for the fans of both groups that will get to see the brothers together with U-Kiss! (I'm also very jealous.. >.< haha)

Anonymous said...

hahah i love the poster for it. how baby's just standing there! :) i wanna go.. -SIGH- i wonder if i'll ever get to see any of ss501 in RL..

jettie said...

oh my god!!!! BIRTHDAY KO SA JUNE 14!!!!!!WAHAAAAA!!!!!!

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