SS501 held a fansigning event today at Shindorim, Techno Mart for their new Destination mini album Special Edition. The boys look smashing as usual. I'm sure they've had sleepless nights and aching bodies from all the non-stop practices and preparations for their comeback, but despite that they're still looking fresh and handsome! Korean TS are so lucky to have this fansigning event. Fighting! See you on stage soon guys! CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES.

Click button to download all 112 pictures!

Credits: as tagged on pics

Video Uploader: KimHyunJoongTH@YouTube

Video Uploader: hwajung501@YouTube


Anonymous said...

Jungmin is so happy :)

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Aww so many great pics! Looks like the guys had a fun time at the fan-signing. :3 There's a pic of Baby looking down and signing something, you can see his pretty eyelashes! x3

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