Video by: phtriples@YouTube

This is the 4th video I made for SS501's Forever Center, Kim Kyu Jong...

Kyu leaves fangirls feeling all warm and fuzzy. That's because he's so kind, adorable, and quite endearingly... boyfriend material. Do you agree?

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Kyu Jong videos I made:
  1. Angel
  2. When I Met kyU
  3. Everything You Do
  4. Don't Know What To Say


Bunny said...

He's so sweet and cute!

Anonymous said...

just wondering, who else left the group???coz i cant find any news about that..i know the leader left already....did the other 4 member signs with DSP again?????plz help me out here..thanks

phtriples said...

@anonymous: just to be clear, Leader did NOT leave the group. He left the company, but NOT SS501. as for the contract of the 4 members, no official statement has been out yet. We have to wait. But the group is still intact. SS501 will always be one.

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