There’s much hype for the upcoming spy action drama Athena: Goddess of War and to build up the excitement even further, it’s now been reported that SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong is up for a part in the show.

Athena is the spin-off show of 2009 hit IRIS and is expected to be just as good. In IRIS they used T.O.P of Big Bang to bring in a younger audience and to amp up its popularity. Looks like they’re doing the same, but this time with Kim Hyun Joong.

Taewon Entertainment said, “It is true that he is up for one of the roles, but nothing has been set in stone.

SS501’s label DSP Entertainment also responded saying, “Kim Hyun Joong will be resuming his activities with SS501 at the end of May. We are considering the role in Athena but we still have our priorities with SS501 so we can’t say for sure on whether or not he’ll be able to work on any dramas.

It’s also been revealed that Kim Hyun Joong has already met with the director of Athena and both have discussed the role and all the complexities behind it. Fans are hoping that Kim Hyun Joong will have a bigger role in Athena than T.O.P did in IRIS.

So do you guys want Kim Hyun Joong to join Athena or just focus only on SS501? Either way, it’s quite funny that he might be joining the IRIS spin-off since the main character’s name was Kim Hyun Joon.

Source: allkpop


Okay, the article says Kim Hyun Joong is up for the role, but he DOESN'T have the role yet. They're still discussing stuff. For me... I don't know how I would feel about Leader taking on another DRAMA. I think it's okay, IF AND ONLY IF, it won't affect his group activities. If it's going to affect SS501, like how it did with BOF, in which he had to stop SS501 activities and focus on the drama, I hope that's not gonna happen again. I like that DSP said they're prioritizing SS501. Just as they should! SS501 is just NOT the same without all 5 together! Young Saeng, Kyu, and Baby did an awesome job in UR Man album, but still! They're 5 together as one! How would you guys feel?


sanny said...

yes!! I agree with you!! ss501 will be forever as one ;)

Anonymous said...

I would like to see leader in a new drama. But like you have said, if it is going to affect ss501's activities and leader's health like it did in bof, I don't want it. What I really hoping for is all of our boys together in their own drama(like ss501 solo collection). What do you think? Would it be better that way? Because YS and HJB did not act in it, I want to see a new one with all 5 of them together.

phtriples said...

@Anonymous: i agree with you 501%! I wish they would make a variety show/drama starring all 5 of them! Kyu actually wished for that, but I don't know with their management. I certainly hope they would give the boys a drama of their own! That would be waaayyyy better than Leader doing a solo drama.

Anonymous said...

He is already being lambasted left and right in another blog due to a role he has not even considered taking .Poor KHJ-well,I guess you can't please them all .

Anonymous said...

He was born to succeed, the antis nothwithstanding.

sheidee79 said...

It would be extremely exciting if Leader would get the role and rest of SS501 can do surprise cameos or bit roles. That would be something to look forward to, don't you think? I actually think DSP is not working hard enough to take care of their talents. The reason why Leader got ill was because they weren't watching out for his health. Producers and talent agencies should consider the health of their talents when they schedule activities and not just schedule for their own convenience. I don't think having another project could ever be bad for an artist. It helps him grow and develop, as well as gain new fans for himself and the group.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh that is so nice... he is totally a good actor and a good singer

Anonymous said...

hyun joong, thank you for the sweet moments we've spent together. im hoping for our next meeting. soon! take care always!

Yumi said...

i would love to see him in this show, but i would like it more if he would hang out with SS501 more

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