SS501 agency DSP entertainment's personnel has revealed in a telephone conversation with T-news, "SS501 will be having their comeback at end of this month (May). Currently, we're in the final stage of recording for title track, afterwards, details for their schedule will be discussed amongst us", and also revealed, (the million dollar thing) "This might be a mini-album".

SS501 initially intended to release their new album on the 1st of May, following after their group name -- 501 Day, but because they were stuck at the stage of selecting title tracks, ended up having to delay the release of album. But currently, the recording of title track is almost about to finish, and the schedule for shooting music video etc has also not been been finalized.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong whose contract will expiry in June, is currently undergoing some discussions for starring across in KBS 2TV drama 'IRIS' spin-off drama 'Athena', which had attracted about much attention. With his upcoming singer activities as well as drama shootings, though there are bound to be countless questions and doubts pertaining to this, on both Kim Hyun Joong and the production's side, they're currently reviewing an official decision about his participation.

Credits: T-news sports chosun + (korean to english translation) ode@blog

I've tweeted this morning asking fans how they would feel if SS501 comes back with a mini-album instead of a full album. And most fans said they would still be happy regardless if it's a mini album or a full one, just as long as SS501 comes back already! Kekeke. Some would be disappointed because after all, a full album is of course better than a mini one. But we would always support the boys because we know how hard they worked to release their album. They've put their heart in it, so we will love it no matter what!


Anonymous said...

I personally don't like mini-album

C'mon SS501 been in the music industry for 5 years and they only have 1 full album?

compared to SUJU that also debut the same year as them...this MAY, SUJU release their 4th full album

DSP you already delayed the album and your giving US(Triple S) a mini album?

but of course can't wait for SS501 COMEBACK

Anonymous said...

Yeah..I would support them no matter what. I want to be in end of May already! And about leader shooting a new drama, I am so worried that it would affect the group's activities. And leader grew so thin during bof shooting. I hope if he shoot a new drama, he won't be as busy as he was when in bof.

kin said...

i dont care as long as they release a new album.
but kinda agree about SUJU.they debuted the same year as they boys.but they already have 4 full album.but i bet their song dont have the quality like our boys have huh? :p

Jiru-chan said...

SUJU again?! c'mon! y do ppl compare other bands 2 suju?! that's what i dont like the most OUR BOYS being compared to other bands!.. nvrmind.. ^-^ ::as long as ss501 doesn't break up.. this album can be a mini or a full.. as long as nothing bad happens 2 ss501... im still happy and excited about their comback!
ss501 hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea who SUJU is but I love SS501 and if they put out a mini album or a full album i will be happy because its from them and they are awesome :) Either way they will have put their heart and soul into it and it is something that i anticipate greatly :)

firdaus said...

I love ss501 very much from the bottom of my heart, no mutter it takes I'll wait as long as they're togather this is all I care & I wish them good health & success always & I say my heart & my sister's heart are with them forever. Saranghae

cyber_chiq said...

SuJu or any bands can't defeat SS501 .. SS501 is the only band being supported by their fans even if they're not working as a band right now .. holding on to there promise that they will be back makes triple s be SS501's Triple S till the end ryt ??

cyber_chiq said...

totoo ba ung news na meh FANMEETING sxi Kyu Jong dito sa pinas ??

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