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Love Like This is #5 today in MYX DAILY TOP 10! And for two weeks now, we are #8 in MYX HIT CHART and #7 in M.I.T. 20! Great job guys! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who voted!

Please continue to vote for "Love Like This" in MYX! Just text:

MYX VOTE LOVE LIKE THIS and send to 2366.

You can vote 10x a day! We can't rest because our goal is to reach the #1 spot! Four more steps guys! Please tell your friends! Let's make them #1 Triple S! We can do it! Fighting!


Karren168 said...

Hi Kate! So happy & proud of our Triple S family here in the Philippines... really hope & pray our SS501 Love Like This will take the no.1 spot on MYX soon... :)

Anonymous said...


My text vote for almost everyday and campaigning..... is worth it!!!

Sa wakas......! Sana next week ma belong na sa Top 5 then.... hanggang maging top 1.

Love SS501!

Aja...aja.... Fighting !

Anonymous said...

wait, can i vote here in the US? i tried sending it but it says failed.

phtriples said...

I don't think you can vote from other countries, unless you have a roaming sim. :)

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