Among all SS501 songs, U R Man has a special place in my heart, because it's their first ever song that I heard and it's what got me hooked! And now Triple S fans have compiled U R Man performance clips on flash! Such a treat! Huge thanks to whoever made this! This just made my day! You can click on the dates to watch, or press STOP anytime you want to quit watching. Once you click, PLEASE GIVE THE PLAYER SOME TIME AS IT NEEDS TO LOAD.

Credit: 하카 @ SS601


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting it here.Though I am not a member at your blog, I check your blog daily for any news of the boys so I really appreciate what you posted here everyday.U R Man is also the 1st song I have heard from them so it means a lot to me. Thanks so much!

mokona said...

wow!! thats is soo XD yr the man SS501~! So many cool gadgets coming up in this blog.

Anonymous said...

i dont know why.but i just love young saeng hair :)

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

U R Man is my favorite too, I just think that was a really cool time for them. <3 (I prefer the remix version ;3)
I love to watch U R Man performance videos on youtube, there are a lot of really good ones :3
This player is awesome, thanks so much for posting! :D

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