SS501, the new album ‘DESTINATION’ begin online reservation on the 24th

Group SS501 new album ‘DESTINATION’ comeback ahead in the music industry begins online reservations through online music shop from the 24th.

Holds many of the world Gold Disc, even arranged the music of the last ‘REBIRTH’ Album, American music producer STEVEN LEE has once again teamed with SS501 to advance this album to large world project.

Also, natural features of members before the concepts of the album pictorial and the world trend which turned into mature men with of European-style suits after the concepts of the pictorial, SPECIAL EDITION album will included an evil Sado masochistic (SM) concept in progress, and the NORMAL edition album will be able to see the variety charm features consists of SS501 with Black & White image transformation, no decoration, clean and intensity sexy look.

On July 24, online booking will start for the ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ version through online music store such as YES24, Kyobo Bookstore and Interpark and Aladdin, there is also a lottery signing event planning for customers who purchase through YES24 until the 28th.

Meanwhile, the new album of SS501 will be released at the end of May and on the 22nd will be the stage of Dream Concert beforehand.

Credits: + (Eng translation) ss501fighting

I woke up a little late today and when I went online, there are new photos from the boys! And the album will be available for preorder on the 24th! Gosh, 4 more days! Now, I wonder what I should buy, the Normal or Special edition. Kekeke. By the way, I love the new set of photos. Saengie with a scorpion! Our zodiac symbol! Haha. Signifies mystery and danger. I love it! Leader, still with the whip! Haha. If someone that handsome tries the whip with you, what would you do? Kekeke. And Baby now wears Jung Min's hat from the previous set of album photos! Kyu's ring is interesting, and what's Jung Min holding? He looks pretty intense! Aaaaah! I can't wait for May 24! And finally for their comeback! ♥♥♥


Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

These pictures are pretty outrageous! But I like Baby's pic (I'm biased hehehe). I can't wait to see them!!! x3

Nina Aziz said...

hot much!!!owh...*drooling..

Anonymous said...

So sorry ,but KHJ makeup made him look feminine which is in contrast with the supposedly dark and dangerous concept in this new album.Jung Min and Kyu 's makeup is alright but not KHJ . No matter how much I try to rationalize his looks -it's just simply off tangent.

Anonymous said...


any idea can we buy their album in YESASIA? thks.

phtriples said...

Hi, yes, I'm pretty sure YESASIA will be selling it. Let's wait for the preorder announcement.

Anonymous said...

sure... thank you :)

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