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Group SS501 whose full contract will end in June have been involved in various rumours like disbanding, transferring to another company etc, but until their agency's CEO recovers from his condition, they will not be discussing anything of it.

SS501's agency company DSP Media's representative CEO Lee Ho Yeon underwent surgery in April due to hemorrhage and is currently in midst of recovery. With his situation now, the company is currently in a state of emptiness (literally), and what's with SS501 full contract expiring on June 7 and member Kim Hyun Joong already getting exploited by many huge agency companies one by one, thus igniting all kinds of guesses in the entertainment world.

To this, the involved party SS501 chose to show loyalty and courtesy till the end with regards to their CEO still lying in his bed and recovering. After their CEO improves with his condition, only then will they then discuss further about this directly with both parties.

This was revealed by a close personnel who recently held a long talk with SS501 members. This personnel said on the 19th, "Obviously we haven't had decided for anything yet up until now", "If we were to talk about this now, the members felt it wasn't reasonable to do it at such a time when their CEO of the company who raised them up is in such a state, and they are truly concerned about that".

He added, "Rumours revolving around each member's moves including the group itself has been becoming a huge burden", revealing how the members feel too.

If according to what this personnel has said, SS501 will be focusing on their promotional activities for new album that's to be released on 28th, and will be patiently waiting for CEO's recovery from his bed back up again.

SS501 will be having their full-scale comeback beginning June 4th with new album. Also they will be performing on the 22nd (Saturday) at Seoul Sangam-dong World Cup Stadium for 2010 Dream Concert.

Credits: http://news.nate.com + (English Translation) ode@blog

Here's another translation...

Voices from SS501's Hearts: Please Get Well Soon, President

Of late, many rumors centering around the issue of SS501's contracts have been circulating. Their existing exclusive contract will run till early June, and there has been much hearsay about whether they will disband or sign with other agencies, etc etc etc. However, no one can shed light on the final answer with certainty, not even SS501 themselves. It is rumored that they are all waiting for the recovery of the agency's president, so it is still uncertain about the five members' coming or going.

President Lee from DSP, the agency that sS501 is under, is currently still recovering from his operation in April when he had suffered from hemorrage. Lee's condition has resulted in a huge vacuum in the operations of the agency, things are at a stalemate. As such, DSP has been unable to confirm anything about SS501's contracts prior to the expiry of the existing contracts on 7th June. Many other major companies are vying for Kim Hyun Joong to join them, so they have initiated contacts (with SS501) to discuss about their contracts. Thus there are new topics and rumors in the showbiz circuit everyday.

Amidst all this, it is rumored that SS501's first choice (of their subsequent contracts) is to sign on with the currently bedridden Lee. No matter if one looks at the situation from the sentimental or logical angle, it appears to be appropriate that President Lee be given the first right of refusal. Currently, they are all waiting for President Lee to recover so that they can discuss in detail about whether they are staying or leaving (DSP). Info about this development has been recently obtained after speaking at length and in great depth with the SS501 members.

This related party has said on 19th, "Truth be told, nothing is concrete or firm right now. These few boys feel that it's only right that they give priority to the president when it comes to their future; after all, he was the one who had groomed them." He further revealed that, "The rumors circulating now are not just about the future movements of the group, there're also rumors about the members' solo careers, actually the members all feel extremely burdened."

According to this related party, SS501 has adopted the stance that they will release their album on 28th as planned, and will concentrate on the promotional activities for the album, and meanwhile, awaiting for President Lee to recover. Talk has it President Lee who has previously in a coma for almost two months is now slowly recovering.

Following the release of their new album, SS501 will have their official comeback on 4th June. As for President Lee who is now struggling with his health issues, not only was he the force behind SS501 propelling them to the peak, he is also an unfluential producer in the kpop industry.

Credits: Nate + SS601 + (Chinese translation) julieann@HYUNJOONGCHINA 金賢重中文網 + (English translation) happiebb@LOVEKIMHYUNJOONG.com



I felt a rush of warmth and emotion after reading this news. With all the rumors floating around with regards to the end of SS501 contract with DSP and what's going to happen to them, a lot of people have been speculating left and right, and I'm glad that this article finally came out. I hope this somehow puts all those rumors to rest.

Here's my 2 cents: I feel really proud of SS501. They've come such a long way after 5 years, but no matter how popular and successful they are, they're still as humble and good-mannered as they were before they started. That's just another reason why SS501 is one of a kind and why I love them so much. I know we all have our opinions as to whether or not they should stay in DSP and whatnot, and some of us do have valid points, but come to think of it, these 5 individuals who we love and support, SS501, they are the ones involved here. They are also affected with the rumors. According to the article, they choose to be loyal and courteous till the end. Which is really ADMIRABLE. Not all idols have this kind of loyalty and attitude. Some would probably grasp at the nearest chance to become even more successful and even more popular. But not SS501. After all, there are more important things in life than FAME, such as loyalty, courteousness and goodness. They really are beautiful people with BIG HEARTS. I feel bad just thinking how this must be affecting them. But knowing them, they will handle this positively with their values and friendship intact. Hats off to you SS501! For me, as long as you're 5 forever as one, that's all that matters!

And on a lighter, more exciting note! The tracks for SS501 new mini-album "Destination" have been released by DSP! Only four tracks, but I'm sure they're all great! Don't forget guys, SS501 put their heart and soul into the creation of this album, all for us Triple S, so we should give them our all-out support!


Track 1. Let me be the one (그게 너라고)
Track 2. Love Ya (Title Song)
Track 3. Crazy for you
Track 4. Forever (영원토록) - Written by Young Saeng

Source : DSP website


lourdz said...

i'm reading this article while listening to "Wings of the World"... I feel like crying... I dunno, maybe I just really really miss them so much...

Anonymous said...

AH! so it is going to be a mini album...oh well i am still excited :D maybe i will just buy both? hehe...after all i read on your earlier post both have different concepts... so i think i will buy both :D

Nina Aziz said...

definitely to buy both...haiz...aigoo~~ i miss those boys even more now...with their warm heart...

Anonymous said...

i definitely will buy both too... i miss those boys deep deep...

mila said...

this is WHY i'm deeply in love with SS501!!! they have the WARMEST heart among all of the other idols. no matter what happen after this, i will definitely stick to them! i cry when i read this article. they're so loyal to each other..... :) i love you SS501!!!!!!!! :) :) :) they will always be 501!!

Anonymous said...

I understand sentimentalism.Now from the business side : I know companies who are professionals take care of their clients long before contracts expire not towards several weeks before (unless they assume it is just formalities).If the top honcho cannot make the appropriate decisions there are supposed to be deputies . Where is the information coming from ? Of course ,the pronouncements are protective of their interests . I have noticed many times being mentioned in several press releases that the CEO NURTURED SS501 -(of course we know that) but isn't this tantamount to emotional blackmail or psychologically crippling any leverage of the members ? They are shaping public opinion that will surely tie the boys' hands . KHJ with the rope in his neck -what a picturesque way of showing their condition !

Sanny said...

woaahh!!! I really really miss them sooooooooo much now!!,, I'm proud to be triple s :D

ilyXiel said...

I'm really,really, proud of them. Their never-ending loyalty, understanding and respect to their CEO proves that they are deserving to become world idols. SS501 HWAITING! CEO Lee, get well soon...:D

mila said...

i don't really understand what did one of the "anonymous" said...???

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about the new album.. I can't wait, i definitely buy both cds..
BTW, you have to buy our boys new album at off-line shops in Korea such as Hot Tracks & Shinnara which have installed program to be applied for K-chart. It's been said that YesAsia doesn't send their albums sales to Hanteo Chart. and considering them overpricing the albums.
The most important thing about buying album is to be applied for K-Chart. If you buy SS501's album at online site, it may not be counted. Many Korean TS had bought Rebirth album through online shops and found out it had not been counted for K-Chart.

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

Anonymous may have a point about taking sentimentality too far, which can happen. My brother works for a man who's been treating him badly since he was 16. He's now 27 and wants to break away, but he can't because this guy considers himself my brother's mentor and so has a strong psychological hold on him.
I'm not saying this will happen to our SS501 boys, however. I think it's really decent of them to wait at least until they can talk it over with the man who "raised" them, especially since his condition sounded very serious. They're such sweet guys and it makes me respect them more! <33

Anonymous said...

SS501 will forever hold our hearts.
Whatever company they'd be in, i only wish for one thing: that they would never part ways and that they live up to their group name, whatever happens, whatever solo projects they're given.

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