I believe Leader said, "Hi, I'm Kim Hyun Joong. You're watching MYX, your choice, your music." Hahaha, his English is soooo cute! Hope MYX will air a Kim Hyun Joong SPECIAL featuring his concert and stay here in the Philippines.

Heaps of thanks to LYN for sending my this video clip! Love YA Lyn!!!


NEWS ON KHJ: Hyun Joong arrived in Seoul this morning at 6am. He left Cebu at around 1am. He looks good! Apparently, fans from Cebu saw him off to the airport. And fans in Seoul waited really early in the airport to meet him. So sweet of them. Leader looks fresh, maybe from a nap on the plane? Kekeke.

In Cebu, he stayed first in Mactan Isla Resort & Spa, because a friend of his invited him and then on to Plantation Bay. Our first guess was Plantation Bay actually, coz we know Leader wants to stay away from the beach because he's afraid of sharks. Hahaha. Have you seen Plantation Bay? It's grand! Just seeing the pictures, the whole place looks inviting. It's a great place to relax and enjoy! I particularly love the cottages settled on the water's edge. Look at the pictures below and imagine Leader in one of them. Kekeke. Thanks to ate Gerri for the info!


Pics from Plantation Bay website


Anonymous said...

woww.. really want to go there too..

aprilstar said...

Amazing place -hope leader will bring the rest of SS501 to that place as well .They can do an MV there or a drama .

Yes,I can imagine leader being there enjoying the sights and the company of friends, relaxing and playing(drinking ,too) as if there's no tomorrow.Wonder if he had tasted Philippine pulutan with matching beer ?

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