Hyung Jun went with his brother Ki Bum from UKISS to pay their last respects for Maknae's friend, Korean singer/actor Park Yong Ha. Yong Ha was found dead in his room where he committed suicide. Condolences to Yong Ha's family.

[News] SS5o1 Kim Hyung Jun “ cannot believe.. such a good hyung…”

SS501 Member Kim Hyung Jun sobbed on Park Yong Ha's wake.

Kim Hyung Jun attended the wake with his brother Kim Ki Bum member of UKISS at Seoul Funeral Parlour after receiving the news of the death of Park Yong Ha in the morning on 30 June 2010.

In a tele-interview with nocut news, Kim Hyung Jun said while sobbing “ cannot believe, no idea what has happened”, “ why is it like that…”

“We were supposed to meet yesterday but was unable to, we were supposed to meet today” Kim Hyung Jun said while tears are dropping.

When SS501 was having activities in Japan, Kim Hyung Jun maintained a close relationship with Park Yong Ha who was also having activities in Japan as a Singer. Upon returning to Korea, Kim Hyung Jun & Park Yong Ha still maintained a close relationship just like real brothers.

Park Yong Ha has been a guest on “Kim Hyung Jun’s MusicHigh” in the morning 3am where Kim Hyung Jun is the DJ, promising to attend as guest, expressing loyalty.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed gratefully “ Yong Ha Hyung who has never attended any radio show before, attended the radio show that I hosted at 3am.”

Credits: 初心-金亨俊中文luntan&shirley + Josie@501wangja.multiply.com [Chinese – English]
Video Uploader: mangosorbet@YouTube

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Anonymous said...

0m0~!..ki bum and hyung joon seemed cried really hard....condolence to yong ha's family too.

kimhyunjoong06 said...

yeah i guess so..look at hyun jun's eyes..so sad things like this happened..

City Aisyah said...

Park Yong Ha killed himself right?

Janice said...

I always wondered why there are so many suicidal deaths in Korea...Jang Ja Yeon, who was supposed to be one of the bitches in Boys Over Flowers, commited suicide during the middle of the series, and now Park Yong Ha?! Sad...:'(

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