June 30, 2010

SS501 Is Unbreakable!

With everything going on these days, Triple S are all going through a tough and challenging time. So I made a little vid (thanks to Gab for the song suggestion). This is perfect for SS501. What with all the rumors and information going around, there is no definite answer as to what will happen to our boys' future. But one thing is for sure, they will NOT disband. I am holding on to their words, not just Leader's but also the other members. Let me share this message from Leader (taken from their 2008 Japan Tour Grateful Days DVD) as translated by ss501fighting: Hyun Joong said, "Young Saeng, Jung Min, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun, all this time, it has not been just 1 person, as long as there is one missing person, it would not be SS501, because we're always together, there are times when we fight. without u guys, i'm unable to stand on this stage alone. Because i'm Leader, i have to work hard, Let's work hard together. SS501 Forever as 1".

This is what we need to believe. Don't entertain doubts in your head, because SS501 needs us more than ever now. Triple S are always there to protect SS501, and today is no exception. We gotta keep the faith, because SS501's love for each other and for Triple S, is UNBREAKABLE!


aprilstar said...

Napakagandang video Kate ! Pero nakakaiyak. Everything said in the songs really fit them.Nobody .Nothing can take that bond they have created among themselves. They will grow old and tell their children the wonderful world among friends -it will be their legacy and a great testimony that there exists such a force that crosses all barriers .

Thank you and I hope you create more videos as you have done in the past -I think this type of audiovisual presentation created also by your love for them will calm the fans disturbed minds and bring peace back to their hearts .

Anonymous said...

what is the second song in the video?

joongboer08 said...

like it kate hope u dont mind dl ko ha para sa collection ko.thanks..
btw have u read the eng version of telephone conversation between the ts korea and the recetionist of keyeast quite enteresting........

ate mary

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration Kate! At first I started doubting, and I felt so embarassed of myself. Really thank you!

shaillene said...

Dearest Kate,

It's a very nice video, really touching..With everything that is coming out now, I think all of us would feel emotional upon viewing this video. Personally, I don't believe in all these issues spreading out. I have always believed that KHJL is a good person, who cares so much for the group and until now I'm sure he keeps on thinking about this..All we need to do right now, while we keep on waiting for the official announcement, is to believe in the group..Remember, believing is trusting...:)

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