Leader, Baby and Kyu have all had Lasik surgery and now it's Prince Young Saeng's turn! All SS501 members had some kind of eye condition then? Hmm... now only Jung Min hasn't been reported to undergo Lasik. I think Young Saeng visited the eye clinic last July 23, Friday, if I'm not mistaken. Here's Young Saeng's note after the surgery...

"My vision which hasn't been good since my childhood days...

I had been hoping for just some cure to have a better vision.

Until lasik surgeries surfaced itself in this world...

To be honest, I wasn't able to choose to undergo an easy operation because I was feeling worried.

If I were to do a stage performance at one go... Vision will go worse.

But because I was given a short-term break... Looking at the people around me going for Lasik surgeries one by one, I was growing tempted too.

Seriously at first, I was very scared and anxious... I did eye checking at Oseo Ophthalmology, and sent my greetings to Wonjang-nim.

After discussing with Wonjang-nim for quite a bit, I gained trust and then my fear dissipated a little, where the surgery then began straight away.

No matter what, we are doing an operation on the eyes here... Whoever it may be will feel scared.

But if you think about it, a surgery is nothing without fears.

And so the surgery ended... At that time, my eyes were stinging, and I felt annoyed, but soon it was alright already.

At that moment, the feeling of what everyone who underwent Lasik felt came to me... I began feeling that same way too.

Also, whoever that has poor vision... I'm sure they want to sleep too while watching television.

Indeed I have that kind of wish... And now that I've done lasik, that wish became reality...

The Now that has passed Sunday had turned into confusion for me -- feels like I was a person with good vision to begin with... I'm now seeing clearly.

To the Wonjang-nim and other Seonsaeng-nims who have done this well a lasik for me -- thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

Translated by: ode@blog

Here's a little note from Young Saeng's ophthalmologist...
Group SS501's member full-point charmer Heo Young Saeng had administered himself into our OseO Ophthalmology Clinic. Heo Young Saeng who has received much courage after seeing the results of member Kim Kyu Jong who's undergone the same lasik surgery too~ Because of these two awesome guys, Kangnam's Oseo Ophythalmology Clinic has been crowded in high favor since then ^^ Heo Young Saeng who's visited our Kangnam Oseo Ophthalmology Clinic~ Be happy always~

Credits: http://blog.naver.com/thewig [오세오 안과 - Oseo Ophthalmologist @ Kangnam] + ode@blog


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