Actress Jung So Min was finalized as the heroine of MBC “Mischievous kiss

Kim Hyun Joong of the group SS501 confirmed as the male character of MBC drama series “Mischievous kiss”, initially involved heroin candidate Park Eun Bin have been eliminated from the final, Jung So Min who starring in drama “Bad Men” was appointed.

Park Eun Bin lawsuits and conflicts with Publisher agency side have suffered in relation to casting even trying until the end of painstaking efforts to open, because of imminent end to the shootings still cannot see the development of situation so was eliminated.

The pool of peer-star such as Park Sinhye, Kara’s Han Seung-yeon, f(x) Sulli also discussed with the spirit, but they were excluded from the final candidates.

Casting of “Mischievous Kiss” is finished, Lead actors Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min will be at full-fledged shooting this weekend.

Credits: + ss501fighting@blog

Hmmm... what do you think of their decision for the female lead? I wonder if Jung So Min will have a good chemistry with Leader on screen. I guess we'll just have to find out, won't we? Mischievous Kiss will air from September 1st through MBC. I heard that @Haru2subS from Twitter will be subbing this drama. Not sure if this is true but might as well follow if you have Twitter. I'm excited to see Leader in this drama!!!


shaillene said...

...Finally the decision has been made as to who will play the female lead...Seeing the photos of them side by side, I would say looks wise, they complement., they look really bagay.,He!he!I think the drama would give a lot of kilig moments..Can't wait to watch it..

Maryam said...

oh no.I dont like her.
she isnt beauty like our beautiful Hyun joung

Anonymous said...

I dont like her... D:
Im kinda scared for her haha, alot of fans will be after her if they film scenes like in They Kissed Again.. >.> I hope not..
Hyun Joong Oppa~ FIGHTING!

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