Professional premium makeup brand VIVITO just had a launching party today, July 15, at Seoul Banpo-dong's Central City Millenium Hall at 6pm. And guess what, our very own SS501's Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Kyu Jong were guests! I know we're thirsting for news, any news, about our boys, that's why it's so refreshing to see these two! Kyu looks so manly, doesn't he? While maknae looks boyish as usual. Kekeke. Miss the both of them so much!!!

Video Uploader: shirbogurl5@YouTube

Credits: as tagged on pics


shaillene said...

..It is so good to see the members together amidst of everything that is coming out..
..HJB looks so gwapo here on this side view photo..Kyu Jong too, looks refreshing..

Tam said...

Maybe it's just printing, but I found them a little down.
But I'm glad we're seeing them together. ^ ^

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