As many of you know by now, SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong officially left DSP Entertainment to join KeyEast Entertainment, leaving some doubt into the future of SS501. However, it seems KeyEast would like to see SS501 continue as the company stated that they would support any plans for the group’s future activities, whatever they may be.

Currently, the other SS501 members are free agents as their contracts with DSP Entertainment have expired. There’s rumors that the group members are actively seeking to sign with a new management company. However, it’s in the groups best interest to continue as SS501. If the members were to sign to different agencies, they could still continue to operate their album activities as SS501. Legendary K-pop group Shinhwa have done just this with the individual members signed with different companies for their solo activities but coming together as Shinhwa as one for all group activities.

Hopefully SS501 continues to be together for a long time.

Source: allkpop

And here's another piece of news...

Kim Hyun Joong New Company “Gives Full Support to Group Activities”

Kim HyunJoong new company “gives full support to group activities”
Possible to have ‘separate yet together’ activities even though with different management companies.

“Like Shinhwa... Separate and together?”

Kim HyunJoong has signed a new contract with Key East and focus is on the future of SS501 which he is a member of.

Kim HyunJoong who was the leader of the group, has moved to another management company and it is unclear on the future of SS501, whether they will continue on or disband. Their management company DSP Media said “It has not been decided yet. Park JungMin, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJun and Heo YoungSaeng has not re-signed their contract yet, however they will be deciding on their future direction while having a break.”

According to one source, they are searching for a new management company just like Kim HyunJoong, and are troubled over the few other ways. However, even if all the members move to different companies, it seems like it will be highly possible that they keep the group SS501.

Kim HyunJoong’s new management company Key East let out their mind “We will give full support to group activities.” The members also have great affection for the group and their stand is for the group not to disband.

SS501’s representative explained “The members hope that even if they are doing activities under other management companies, they can continue to have album activities as SS501. It is possible for them to have ‘separate yet together’ activities just like Shinhwa, members doing activities separately on their own and doing activities coming back together as a group.”

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See pretties? Leader will NEVER abandon his group. He has thought about his decision carefully with the intention that SS501 will NOT break up. We should just keep the faith, and hope for the best for SS501. Like I said, SS501 is not going anywhere. The 5 boys will see to that. They love each other and the fans so much, disbanding is OUT OF THE QUESTION. SS501 is UNBREAKABLE! So cheer up green pea princesses! Keep on believing and praying!


Bunny said...

I trust them, they will be always together as a band and as a family too!

xs said...

I will support SS501 to the end no matter what and I hope that they will always be together.

Anonymous said...

...we just have to pray for them coz they are all emotionally and mentally stressed out. they are considering a lot of factors... their future, the group's future, their family's future and their fans.
... things happened for a reason. whatever reason it may be just continue to give your support, love and understanding.
... and pray that they will be able to overcome the challenges they're facing right now.

amanda (rhainetsuki) said...

WHOO!! I trust them :) I know they will do what they need to do, because honestly as much as we love them and want them to do what we want, we also want them to be happy right? So we should be happy with what they choose to do so long as they are happy with it.

I hope they are having good vacations and not letting this disturb their rest! They need it they are drained :( we don't want them getting sick or anything!

SS501 i believe in you :)

Emerald said...

Even if they are on vacation ,they should put all those concerned for them at ease . A simple statement:fans ,do not worry we are working on our contracts or we are taking care of ourselves.

Why is it the fans are only the ones saying all these words of encouragement to them ,why don't they say something encouraging to their fans as well. They have spent time saying all those cutesy things before online ,why silent now ?

I think ,speaking up will ease up on the accusations on KHJ who I pity having to shoulder the blame .He is not the only member -there's five of them .And there is the company ,too.

Why all these things have to happen ? The company should have been clear from the very start where it stands ,what are its plans ,so everybody will know what to do . Even if the CEO is sick doesn't he have deputies in his company to take care of SS501 matters ?

Its just that KHJ is brave enough to call it quits (although all their contracts already expired since June 8th)and to take care of his future which is about time . He doesn't deserve to be persecuted.

As far as SS501's continuing existence ,there will be many factors to be considered . It is not impossible but difficult .We have to be ready for it .The lifespan of idols/band existence is not for long -their 5 years is already ok judging from the DSP track record.From what I know of the survival rate in entertainment industry ,you do not move on when your popularity is on the wane . You move on when you are at the height of your popularity .

We just have to deal with our sentimentalism, reality ,hard reality knocks on our door .Let us embrace and welcome it.

Anonymous said...


Aaah, finally found someone who speak the right thing.
That´s something I always have it on my mind, too.
Where are the other 4 members?????
KHJ having all blames, hates and some are swearing at him.
That´s bulls....
Even if he want to go Solo. So what? What´s wrong with it?
He is getting old and they can´t be an idol group forever. I mean they can´t dance till 40 years, can´t they?
Fans will go away someday too, so why not use the chance to make another way of success for you if you still have the chance and youth (lifespane of an entertainer is very short)

Anonymous said...

Today I read an article about all members haven´t sign on any contract yet (official dsp jung minh statement).

Now, everyone are praising him..that´s good thought...but none of the TS who were blaming Leader have ever say sorry to him because they choose to believe rumor beforehand.
As a TS fan too, I feel very sad and embarass.
They hurt him very much with their shitty hurtful comment without to use their little brain.

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