I can't believe it took me so long to post this! This was done by my friend, Leo, a month ago. If I remember correctly, he finished this around the time we were in Manila for Leader. If he would have finished it a few days earlier, we could have given it to Leader as a gift that he could bring back to Korea. Kekeke. But still, I'm so happy he drew this for us. Aren't you just glad to have friends who can be supportive of your passion for SS501? I know I am. Thank you so much, Ley, for doing this for us! Your drawing's excellent! I wish I can draw like you can. ;) Give his blog, dadedidoodles, a visit guys, he really is a talented artist. You'll enjoy his doodles!

Credit: dadedidoodles.blogspot.com


shaillene said...

..yes, agree with you..looks exactly like HJL..Really, it was nicely drawn...

sha filan said...

waaaaayyyyyy tooooo cooooll!!!!!!!
sent my regards for him!!
seriously talented!!!

Anonymous said...

"Aren't you just glad to have friends who can be supportive with your passion for SS501?"

- How I wish I could have a friend like him.

leomkun said...

it's Leader! waaaaaaa! *droolling* hehe seriously, welcome and glad you like it! peace!

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