Finally, I had time to sit down and actually write a complete fan account of my experience with Leader here in the Philippines. Those 4 days have been such a whirlwind of events so surreal that I still find it hard to believe that it actually happened to me. Before I continue, I'd like to extend my heartfelt thanks to TSPH, especially to the staff, because without their hard work, none of this would have been possible. So to my Triple S sisters, thank you for giving us this wonderful chance to be with Leader. Special thanks also to my Triple S sisters who have been with me since this blog started. I had a wonderful experience with you guys!

It took me a while to get everything down, but hopefully when I read this back, I will remember everything that happened as if it were yesterday. And I'd get enjoy the same feelings that I was able to feel. I have to warn you though, this fan account is really really really loooooong. I'm sorry, but I really have to get it all down on paper so I won't forget a single moment with Leader! So if you're willing to read a long fan account, here goes...

June 17, 2010

1st Encounter - My friend and I arrived at the hotel really early, around 9am. We stayed at the lobby, and waited because the check-in time at the hotel was 2pm. When we arrived at the hotel there were already a number of security people there waiting at the lobby. We didn't know exactly what time Leader would be arriving but we heard it's around noon. So we ordered some food at the cafe in the lobby and waited patiently (with bated breaths, I might add), for Kim Hyun Joong. There were Koreans out and about (including Laura, Leader's translator) talking to the security and hotel staff, and discussing with other Filipino people (who we assumed were the organizers). After a few hours, the security people were starting to move and took their posts near the hotel entrance. My heart was pounding really fast and hard, I felt like it was about to go out of my chest. There weren’t that many fans in the hotel that time. A white Benz limousine stopped at the entrance, and there he was... tall, slim, wearing a gray, long sleeved shirt underneath a black coat and faded fitting jeans. His hair was windblown and he was wearing sunglasses (the one that Cody noona bought from Duty Free at the airport). I saw Leader in Bangkok during their Persona tour but this was the first time I actually saw him up close, right in front of me. When he entered the hotel, one of the staff put on a Sampaguita (Philippine national flower) around his neck. He paused, smiled then continued walking (Leader walks really fast!). He passed by us, we waved at him, and he gave us a little smile and nod. He and his huge bodyguards went to the elevator while Cody noona and SS501 dancers followed suit. Aaaaah! My first ever encounter with our dear Leader. We were trying to get a video with our digicam and cellphone but the guards were so strict! They kept telling us that videos and pictures were NOT ALLOWED. So we just contented ourselves by looking at Leader. God he's tall! And really slender! We were so starstruck and giddy with that first short encounter.

2nd Encounter - At around 1:30pm, since we can't check in at the hotel yet, my friend and I decided to go to the 3rd floor and wait there. We just sat there on the chairs in front of the hotel restaurant. We were wondering where Leader was when at that very moment, the elevator on the 2nd floor opened, and out went Leader! Gosh, I was sooooo surprised. My heart was pumping so fast, I could hardly breathe. I didn't expect him to go out of his hotel room so soon. He was with the dancers and a few Korean bodyguards were following them. I was just looking at him, couldn't keep my eyes off him while he passed us by. He looked in our direction and my eyes locked with his for about 2 seconds! Aaaaaaah!!! I felt like I was gonna faint. They entered the restaurant, and since we haven't had lunch yet, we decided that maybe we should eat our lunch there too! We didn't want to disturb them so we just quietly entered a few minutes after they did. When we entered, Leader was walking casually along the buffet table, with a plate in hand, surveying the food at the table. Seemed like nobody at the restaurant knew him, or maybe they were just mesmerized by him. Kekeke. I particularly saw a waitress staring and ogling at him like he was an angel who went down from heaven. Hahaha! I actually didn't know what I was doing, it felt like I was walking at the edge of a cliff, imagine my dream guy was just a few steps away from me, thank God I was still able to control myself. I wanted to scream and go hug him but of course, it's not possible. Hahaha.

So I just took a plate, acted like I didn't have a huge turmoil going on inside me, and just went to take some food from the buffet table. Hyun Joong was getting close and I was like screaming inside my head "Leader come nearer!!!" Until finally he was walking along at my side, I even brushed a little bit of his shirt. I concentrated on which food to put on my plate, but all I could think of was Leader walking by my side. He stopped at the sushi section. I visited the crabs and salad section. Then all of a sudden he's right beside me! Just a few inches away from me! Aaaaah!!! I could smell his scent. He smells wonderful! I couldn't stop myself, I sneaked a look at him while he was busy getting food by my side. I couldn't pass up the chance to look at him that close! He is soooo gorgeous!!! His skin was so smooth, perfectly flawless, his nose, his lips... Aaaaah!!! He was so focused on getting his food, I guess he entered his 4D world again, he's completely oblivious of what's happening around him, just a passive face, a blank expression, and a hungry stomach. Hahaha. His plate was full, but I wasn't able to see what food he got coz I was so starstruck. I couldn't think clearly. He kept walking along the buffet table and we kept meeting each other at different points.

Oh my God, I never imagined I would be walking the same path as Leader, breathing the waft of his smell when he passed real closely and actually be at his side!!! It's like I was dreaming. We went to sit down at our table. They got a private room where all the dancers and Leader ate. We couldn't see him inside so we just ate our lunch quietly, talking about how handsome Leader is up close. I tried to process in my mind what just happened, but it still hasn't sunk in. After a few minutes, the private room door opened, and Leader appeared. He went and talked to a Korean (who we assumed was one of his managers), and then he passed by our table with 2 of his dancers. We heard him say "De", which means yes, to his manager, then went out of the restaurant. My eyes never left him, I looked at him and kept looking at his retreating back until he was out of the restaurant. My heart was still pumping hard, I couldn't concentrate on my food. I can't believe that my 2nd encounter with Leader that day was that close and that memorable! Here's a short video I took (secretly), the security was really tight!

3rd Encounter - After we finished our food, we checked in at the reception, and went straight to our room. We rested for a few minutes, then another friend of mine arrived, so the 3 of us decided to explore the hotel. It was our first time staying there so we wanted to see the whole hotel. We went to see the swimming pool first, then the spa and the gym. We inquired whether swimming in the pool was free, then went to the gym and spa to ask for a brochure of their services. After that, we went to the elevators planning to go back to our room. We were just standing there waiting for the elevator to open, when all of a sudden, someone dressed in black appeared around the corner. It was Leader!!! He was dressed in a black loose sleeveless shirt, shorts and sneakers. He had 2 bodyguards with him. The corridor in front of the elevator going to the gym was really narrow. So we were just standing there, dumbfounded, and simply looked at Leader passing us by again. I could just imagine our expressions, it was as if we were rooted at our very spots. If you could see us, you would probably laugh at our expressions. Hyun Joong looked at us and just continued walking, he was very shy, he covered a little bit of his face with his hand. We looked at him entering the gym. He has really thin legs! He went inside and we saw him inspecting some of the gym equipment. Our eyes met again for a few seconds! I almost died. Aaaaaah!!! That whole encounter probably lasted for a minute or so, but for us it was like time stood still. When the elevator door finally opened, we just found ourselves going inside with mute expressions. Another accidental encounter with Leader! So far, I've had 3 close encounters already! I can't believe our luck. It was as if God was smiling upon us.

4th Encounter - After we left the gym corridor, we went to the swimming pool. That was around 3-4 in the afternoon, I guess. We ordered some french fries and iced tea and lounged at the pool side. We actually wanted to swim, but we didn't bring any swim suit. So we just rested there and talked more about how handsome and cool Hyun Joong is. After a little while, 3 of Leader's dancers arrived at the pool to take a swim. They changed into board shorts and took their tops off! Damn! I gotta say, these dancers are lookin' fine! It was refreshing seeing them splash around the pool. There were no people around, just me and my friend, the pool attendant, and the 3 dancers. Then after a few, Cody noona came and talked to the dancers. Then she left. After a few more minutes, Hyun Joong arrived! I guess he just finished working out. He was about to pass the swimming pool area! He was flanked by a couple of bodyguards. They paused a while at the dancers in the pool, then continued walking. Towards us!!! My heart was beating the extra mile again, and when I looked at Leader, he was sticking his tongue out, in that seductive, sexy way of his. His hair was a bit wet, probably from perspiration after working out. Remember the way he looked in Gummy's MV "As A Man", when he was in the swimming pool? That's how he looked at that moment. I thought they were going to sit at the table next to ours, but they didn't. He looked in our direction, and our eyes locked again for a couple of seconds. God, my head was pounding.

We're so happy just being able to see him up close. Looking back at it now, it would have been the perfect opportunity to ask for his autograph since there were no people around, just me and my friend. But too bad we didn't think of it then, we were so awed and overwhelmed with the series of encounters that we didn't expect. When he was a few inches away from us, he was wetting his lips with his tongue. Aaaaaah!!! I was kinda shy coz I felt like I was really staring at him, and he was sooo near. They just passed by our table, I guess he was going back to his hotel room. I thought he was going to come back and swim with his dancers, so we decided to stick around. Who wouldn't want to see him half-naked and swimming right? But unfortunately, he didn't come back. The 3 dancers who were swimming, got off the pool, showered at the area just near our table (HOT!) and also went back to their rooms. We were again left feeling breathless, even though we were just sitting there.

5th Encounter - When it was starting to get dark, we decided to go back to our rooms. At around early evening, maybe around 6 or 7-ish, we went down to the lobby. I even saw Liezle there with her International friends. We saw that there were security people in the front hall. We thought that BEAST was arriving, since they were also staying in the same hotel. I haven't seen them yet since we arrived. Anyway, after a little while, we saw Leader! He was dressed in a dark-grey shirt with a brown khaki vest, and black pants. His hair was casual, fresh from the shower I guess. Again he was walking a bit fast. Maybe he's used to this speed. Our eyes followed him as he went into the car. He motioned for 2 of his dancers to come in with him. We heard they were going to go to some Korean restaurant to eat dinner and watch soccer at the same time. Ahhh, Leader and his love for soccer. I stayed in the lobby because I needed to access the Internet. It's not free, mind you. I had to pay a whopping P300 per hour for the wifi!

6th Encounter - When it was nearing 9 o'clock, we saw police security on motorcycles and we saw Leader's white BENZ arriving at the hotel. My friend took a video of him entering the hotel. The bodyguards were scolding people for taking videos, they're really strict! We managed to get a few seconds of video.

After seeing Leader go back to his floor, we felt our stomachs grumbling and realized we haven't eaten dinner yet. So we decided to walk to Mini-Stop just a few blocks from the hotel, and bought some dinner to go. I bought chicken and rice and we went back up to our hotel room. We were tired, but it was a great end to a wonderful day. And to think that Leader's floor was just above ours. We imagined him joking around with his dancers or maybe lounging in his bed... aaaaah, Leader. You make us feel like giddy teenagers everytime. After dinner, we watched some TV and finally went to sleep, hoping that tomorrow, we'll get even more lucky.

June 18, 2010

7th Encounter - The next day, we woke up, showered, then went to the hotel restaurant to eat breakfast. I personally didn't think Hyun Joong will eat there again, apart from that lunch during the 1st day. I guess they brought food in his room instead. But the dancers were there! We were even ushered by the waitress to a table next to them! The dancers were really cute in person. In their MVs they don't look as good as they look in person. We even wondered whether it's them. But when we watched 'Love Ya' MV again last night, it was really the same set of dancers. I guess they just look better and way more good looking in person. After breakfast, we went to the lobby again to chill. There were a few people there, some International TS as well as Koreans from KHJ's fanclub PERFECT. I guess they were all waiting for Leader because we heard he had a schedule to appear in Eat Bulaga. We were actually planning to go to the mall, but since we knew we were about to see Leader, we decided to stay a bit longer. Then he was there! Dressed in a crisp khaki suit with Cody noona, 4 bodyguards and another girl. When he went round the corner from the elevators, he glanced at our direction. I was wondering whether our faces looked familiar to him since we've already had a few encounters with him. My friend was able to take a short video of Leader leaving the hotel for Eat Bulaga.

8th Encounter - After Leader left, we went to the mall. We grabbed some coffee at Coffee Bean and we did a little bit of SS501 spazzing since we really miss the boys. We watched Eat Bulaga via live streaming in my friend's laptop. When Leader said Tagalog words like "Kumusta Po Kayo" and "Maraming Salamat Po", we were so happy! Leader is really making us Filipinos proud! I guess after Eat Bulaga, he also graced other interviews. Our fanmeet with him is scheduled for 8pm that night, and we were excited to see him in an intimate setting. An hour or so passed and I got a text message from another friend, saying they saw Hyun Joong back in the hotel! We thought he was going to be in Araneta for rehearsals, but apparently not. I went back to the hotel alone to be with friends in our room. We decided to visit the pool area again because some of our friends who just arrived haven't seen the pool yet. We didn't stay there long though, just a quick peek. While we were waiting for the elevator to go back up to our room, one of the elevators opened and we saw two huge bodyguards inside. They were quite surprised that it opened on the 5th floor. We went inside the elevator with the guards and found that they were going to the 4th floor. Our instincts were to follow them. We saw that there were a few Triple S there. I saw a Singaporean friend of mine also waiting there, so we got talking and I found out that there was a press conference to be held there in one of the function rooms. We got excited as this meant we're going to see Leader again! We saw Gelli De Belen, a Filipina actress, going towards the venue. She was going to interview both Leader and Beast. I even said Hi to her and she said hello back. The elevators then opened and out came BEAST. That was the first time I saw them up close. Even though I don't know any of them, I just waved and said HI. Some of them waved back! They're quite nice actually. Then after a little while, the elevators opened again and Leader came out! A little girl ran up to him to give him a letter and Hyun Joong stopped and smiled and even bended over the little girl to pinch her cheek lightly and accept her letter. He's such a sweetie, isn't he? Then he went on to the function room. My Singaporean friend managed to get a video of that moment. See here.

9th Encounter - We stayed where we were, because we didn't have anywhere else to go. Some of the Triple S that were there earlier already left, so it was just me and my friends. I talked more with my Singaporean friend. She was really sweet. She said she's there for BEAST, not Kim Hyun Joong. But she also agrees that Leader is very handsome. Who wouldn't agree, right? After a few minutes, BEAST was back in the hallway, apparently finished with their interview. We waved and said Hi again to them, and they smiled and waved back. This means, Leader was about to pass by again too. We talked amongst ourselves and said that maybe it's about time we said Hi to Hyun Joong. We haven't said anything to him since he arrived. He might think Filipinos cannot talk! Hahaha. So when he appeared around the corner, at the count of hana, deul, set... we said "Hi Leader!" in unison. He looked at us, smiled, and even raised up his two hands to wave at us. Aaaaaaah, pure bliss! His smile is just sooo amazing!

10th Encounter - Afterward, we went back to our hotel room. Some of my friends stayed in the hallway. I just came up to change, since we had a fanmeet to attend to at 8pm. After changing, I went back to the 4th floor alone. When I got out of the 1st elevator, I started walking to where my friends were waiting. But suddenly, the 3rd elevator opened while I was directly in front of it. I looked, and guess who I saw? Leader!!! Ahhh! I was directly in front of him, I was at a loss, I didn't know what to do. Our eyes met again for a split second. I just kept walking along. I had my Special Destination CD in my hand, and it would have been another great opportunity to make him sign it, since we were the only ones there. But I wasn't able to think straight. Damn! Besides, I didn't have a marker with me. Tsk, tsk. Anyway as I walked over to my friends, Leader and his guards were walking behind me! I don't know if he saw the CD I was holding. Hopefully he did! He was walking towards FAB restaurant, sat on the table and waited. A few minutes after, all of the dancers joined him. Leader actually turned to look at us again, and we felt sooo happy. That was probably around 6pm. We left them in peace as they were about to eat, and we went to the function hall to line up to register for the Meet & Greet.

11th Encounter (Meet & Greet) - The Meet & Greet was the highlight of all. We lined up to register at around 6 pm at the function hall. We had to turn off our cellphones, take off the batteries, and leave digital cameras in a bin. The security was very strict. We were given random table numbers and I got Table # 3.

My concert ticket and fanmeet ticket.

There was a little stage with 2 chairs, one for Laura, the interpreter, and of course, one for Leader. There was a buffet table at one side of the room. At around 7:40pm we were instructed to get food from the buffet, per table. We were the first table to get food. We only had around 20min to eat dinner, because Hyun Joong had a very tight schedule, and he was to arrive at exactly 8pm in the room. So we ate hurriedly. After eating, and while the waiters cleared the tables, we practiced our birthday song for Leader. After that, the TSPH staff raffled 12 names to receive autographed CD's from Leader. He was to personally hand them out on stage. I was praying that my name will be called, but unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky. Then, 8pm came. The door opened, and in came Leader. We all stood up and clapped our hands. He walked towards the stage, he even did a little clap before reaching the stage. He was looking gorgeous as usual. He had the same clothes on from the presscon earlier. We were all mesmerized, all eyes were on Leader. Those who saw him for the 1st since he came to Manila, were in awe. Those of us who already saw him several times, were still in awe. That's the thing with Hyun Joong. No matter how many times you see him, you still get mesmerized every time. That's how magnetic our Leader is. He sat on the chair, Laura introduced him, and proceeded with the questions.

First question was, "What funny and unforgettable experiences do you have with your group SS501?" Leader said that the most unforgettable was the 1st Asian Persona Tour. Next question, "Do you have a girlfriend, right now?" He answered in Korean, then the interpreter translated, "Whether you believe me or not, I don't have a girlfriend now." I don't remember whether we clapped. I was just focused on Leader and I probably had a big smile posted on my face for the whole event. Supposedly, only 2 questions were to be asked. But Leader whispered to Laura that we can ask more. So Laura asked again, but I can't remember the question! Then Leader said he will answer another one. Aaah, Leader must be having a great time and enjoying this question and answer portion! Laura said he will take a question from a fan. Some fans from table #5 raised their hands, and Leader pointed to one. The fan's question was, "Will you be willing to act in a Filipino drama? And when will you bring your group, SS501 to the Philippines?" Leader's answer to the first question was, "I want to, but right now, I want to concentrate first in Korea before venturing out to other countries." Leader is sooo humble. He is already a superstar but he still thinks of himself as someone who needs to put out more effort. As for the 2nd question, he said that he feels sorry that Philippines was not included in the 1st Asian Tour. But he promised that on their next tour, they would include the Philippines. Yey! Thank you Leader!

At this point, one of the Korean managers whispered to Laura that it will be the last question of the night. I guess that if allowed, Leader would have answered more questions that night. Kekeke. Anyway, after the question & answer portion, it was time for the handing out of autographed CDs. Those 12 lucky fans picked in the raffle lined up to get their CDs. Each name was called, at first Leader called out the names, but since it must be hard for him to pronounce some of the names, Jehd, one of the TSPH staff, called them out instead. Those 12 are lucky because they get to shake Leader's hand! Jehd called them out one by one, until it's down to the last one. The last CD was for Jehd. So she said, "And the last one, is Me." Leader's reaction was so cute. He took the last CD, and instead of giving it to Jehd, he motioned as if giving it to someone else. Hahaha. Then he smiled a mischievous smile and finally gave the CD to Jehd. Aaaah, I wish I could have captured that on camera. It was sooo cute!

After the CD distribution, it was time to sing Leader Happy Birthday. Two large cakes were wheeled out, one was for Leader's birthday, the other one was to commemorate SS501's 5th anniversary. When his birthday cake was brought out, he had this cute, curious expression. He inspected the cake like he didn't understand what it meant. Then Laura whispered something to him, and he nodded as if understanding finally, and said "Aaah". Hahaha! Oh Leader, you're really 4D. Then we sang Saeng Il Chuka Hamnida. Then when Leader was supposed to blow the candles, he asked us to count 1, 2, 3... Cute! So on our count of 3, he blew the candles. Clap, clap, clap. He said "Thank You" a lot of times.

The cakes were taken out of the room, and it was time for TSPH to give Leader his birthday gift. It was a TISSOT watch! When Julie, one of the TSPH staff, gave Leader his gift, we all asked him to open it. He placed it on the table, and opened it carelessly with one hand. And we were all like, "Whooah!" Everyone probably had a thought bubble saying "Leader careful, don't slam it, it's breakable!" LOL. He might have heard our gasps, so he opened the gift carefully with two hands. Kekeke. He opened the box, and his eyes widened when he saw that it was a Tissot watch. Then he said on his mic, "Philippine TS, Rich." Hahaha! He said thank you again. I do hope that he likes his gift. We were told that if we wanted to send in our gifts, we can do so and he brought everything to his room. Awwww, so sweet.

After the opening of the gift, it was time for the photo op. We were briefed before the event started that we were to be divided into 3 groups, and Hyun Joong was to go to each group to get our picture taken. How sweet of him! First he went to the 1st group first on the right side of the room, CLICK! Then on to 2nd group, on the center of the stage, CLICK! Then finally to our group, on the left side, near the door, CLICK! When he went to our group, he was inches away from me again and as usual, I was dumbstruck. Haha. I saw him smile and then we posed for the camera. CLICK! Then I had a little moment again with him. Our eyes met, and he gave me a little nod. I smiled, nodded back, and said Thank you! Aaaaah! Leader!!! He is absolutely gorgeous and fantastic! Then after our group, he went to take a picture with the TSPH staff. After the last camera click, he waved to us all, said Bye! and went out of the room. We all waved back at him. The moment the door closed, we all screamed at the top of our lungs. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! The door opened again in the midst of our shouting because a waiter came in, so for sure, Leader heard our screams. I talked to some of my friends later who were waiting outside, and they said that Leader did indeed hear our screams, and in fact, they saw him smile when he heard. Awwwww. According to Laura, he was very happy. I really hope he had a great time with us, even though it was only a few minutes we were together. A few TS cried tears of joy that night. It was overwhelming.

June 19, 2010

12th Encounter (Concert) - The following day, we were still on cloud 9 after that intimate night with Leader. We went to the mall, surfed the Net, and then went back to our rooms. We watched Leader's Startalk interview with Gelli De Belen on TV. We spazzed about SS501 in our room while we waited until it was time to go to Araneta, the concert venue. At around 5pm, it rained. Well, we expected that because the Leader of SS501 was about to have a concert! And SS501 is known to be the idols who call rain, right? That day was no exception. We had a hard time hailing a cab. When we arrived at Araneta, there were already long queues outside. We spotted the VIP line and we entered the venue, with our green shirts, green lightsticks, banners, and other paraphernalia's. We were there to give Leader our all-out support! The VIP area was almost full. What with only 2 weeks of promotion, I think the concert did well. It would have had more attendees if there was more time for promotion. Anyway, it didn't matter much, because with all the loud screaming of the fans, it was enough to heat up the venue and shake up the whole Araneta. LOL. I was kinda disappointed though, because while the venue was filling up, no music was played. My friend asked if they could play SS501's Love Ya, since SS501 is Hyun Jong's group, but unfortunately, they said no. It would have been nice if they at least played a song by Hyun Joong. They played Beast's MV several times, but no Hyun Joong. :(

So anyway, we just hyped ourselves up for the concert. We even met some of the people from Kim Hyun Joong fanclub, PERFECT. We were sitting in front of them, and we said Hi. They even gave us gifts. So sweet and nice of them!

Opening the show was Pop Girls. They performed 3 songs. Then it was BEAST's turn. I actually didn't care at first about this group. But after seeing them perform, I actually liked them! For a new group, they can definitely deliver! Of the 6 of them, Doo Joon (Leader) and Gi Kwang caught my eye. They sang a total of 6 songs. Then next was another Filipino boy act, XLR8. Actually, this was the first time I ever saw these groups. Oh well, the most important of all was the next number. Finally, it was Hyun Joong's turn. The whole Araneta went wild, all were chanting, "Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!" Then Leader appeared from under the stage (I think he personally choreographed his entrance, kekeke), the way SS501 always appear in their concerts. Under-the-stage lifts are dramatic! He was dressed in pure white. Just like an angel descended from heaven. We were all screaming our lungs out and wildly waving our green lightsticks. He sang first "Happiness Is" from Boys Over Flowers soundtrack. Then he sang "Gomapda (Thank You)".

Photos by: kiss_40@Hyuniversal0606

After which, the host interviewed him. There were a lot of questions asked, we can barely hear because the crowd was so loud! Then Gelli De Belen and another Filipina actress, Candy Pangilinan, brought a cake for him onstage. The host was trying to make us all sing "Happy Birthday To You" in English, but we were singing "Saeng Il Chuka Hamnida" instead. LOL. It was chaotic. I wonder if Leader made any sense of it. It really warmed our hearts when he said "Pinasasaya nyo ako." Which means, "You make me happy." Awwww, Leader is so sweet, saying this in Tagalog. See video below.

Video Uploader: wincarreon@YouTube

Then after he blew his candles on his cake, he proceeded to his next performance. Of course, we knew beforehand that he was gonna sing "Please Be Nice To Me" since he brought dancers with him. We hoped there would be a JitJoong, but seeing his outfit, we knew it was out of the question. When the first notes of PBNTM played, the whole stadium burst into screams. For us Triple S, we've seen this performance countless of times. But we never get tired of it. We feel proud that those in the audience who haven't seen it yet were able to see it, and hopefully, they loved it. Even Candy and Gelli were looking at Leader with apt attention and with the expressions of certified fangirls evident on their faces. Hahaha! Hyun Joong danced his best yet again, although I wish he danced at the bottom stage, and not at the upper part. But we were all cheering like there was no tomorrow. It was another great performance from our Leader.

Video Uploader: wincarreon@YouTube

He exited the stage the same way he entered, this time with his back to the audience. We chanted his name again. We were deafening! We hoped there would be an encore, but at that point, a little girl came up the stage and a VTR for the Abierta foundation appeared in the screen. Then "Heal The World" started playing. All the artists went back onstage as well as a bunch of little children. Leader was so sweet. As he joined the children, he pinched this little boy on the cheek (he really likes children!). Then he called his dancers to join him on stage. We were surprised that Leader had a solo part in Heal The World. I couldn't hear him clearly though coz of the screams from the audience. Wow, Leader singing English? Maybe Saengie taught him some lines, huh? Kekeke. Then there were confetti's thrown until the whole stage was full of them. The dancers are so cute too, playing with the confetti's and mimicking the children's choreography. My eyes were focused on Leader the whole time though. He was smiling and clapping and swaying to the tune and he looked really happy. He even held the mic to a little boy at some point, and kept placing his hand on the boy's shoulder. It was a sight to behold. See pics and vid below. See his huge smile?

Photos by: Eggie 에지 곤살레스 + a-hlia + as tagged

Video Uploader: yooboo710@YouTube

When the song ended, the crowd started chanting "Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!" again. We just chanted his name like that for a long time. And he said "Philippines, see you next time." We screamed more upon hearing that. Then back to chanting his name. Hahaha. Until Leader finally said Bye Bye and left the stage. It was a wonderful night for us. Seeing Leader happy and performing, and hearing him say Tagalog words were the highlights of our night. I really hope that after this concert, more and more Filipinos would love him and find out more about his group SS501.

After the concert, we hurried back to the hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of Leader arriving, but unfortunately, he beat us to the punch. When we arrived, he was already up in his room. We saw the Korean managers bringing some food and drinks, I guess they were having a party to celebrate the concert. We went back to our room, tired but happy.

June 20, 2010

13th Encounter - In the morning, we heard Leader was leaving around noon. Since we were checking out of the hotel at noon also, we were hoping to catch one last glimpse of Leader before he left. My friends went to the lobby. As for me, I grabbed some breakfast first then went back to our room to get my things. When I was waiting for the lift, the elevator opened and gosh, all of the BEAST members were crammed in the elevator with their bodyguards. I was shocked. Of course, I couldn't possibly fit in, so I just waited for another elevator. Nice timing, huh? What if that was Leader in the elevator? I would have squeezed myself in with him no matter what. LOL. Just kidding. When I went down to the lobby, there were a lot of fans there already waiting. We checked out, and just then, Leader appeared. He looked fresh! He had a little ponytail at the upper part of his head. We said, Bye Leader! And he waved at us and smiled. We saw boxes loaded in their car, and we saw our gifts! So they're really taking all the gifts back to Korea. We were able to get a few seconds of video of this 12th and last encounter with Kim Hyun Joong.

Video credits: phtriples + mary ann

Let me share with you the goodies I got in the whole duration of my stay in Manila. These were from my Triple S friends, PERFECT, as well as give-aways and souvenirs from the Meet&Greet, and from the concert itself.

I felt a bit sad that he was leaving. I didn't want that whole experience to end. It was like a dream. So surreal, yet I could feel the impact of it etched in my heart and soul. At the same time, I was also happy, because we got to be with Leader even for a short time. We got to see him up close, we were able to see his beautiful smile in person. We were able to witness his kind heart. It was his own decision to participate in the charity concert, and he even donated 1M pesos to Abierta House of Friendship because he wanted to help. And as an added bonus, he granted us, Triple S Philippines, the Meet & Greet! We really can't thank him enough! I love Leader so much, and this whole experience just made me love him EVEN MORE! Some people, those who don't know him that well, may mistake him as cold, unfriendly, and distant. Maybe because of his passive expression sometimes and he's not as showy in public places like Jung Min and Baby. But if these people only knew the real Kim Hyun Joong. The one with the heart of gold, who is not only loving and caring to his fans, but to everyone. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Hyun Joong is indeed an inspiration. And he doesn't need other people to know, he just wants to help. That makes it even more admirable.

Sorry for the super long fan account, guys. My short stay in Manila was so worthwhile. Not only did I get to have these moments with Leader but I also was able to bond with my Triple S sisters. This whole experience won't be complete without them to share it with. SS501 brought us all together, and I hope that this is not the last time we're going to see each other. Hopefully, soon, we will see each other again, not only to see SS501's Leader, but the whole SS501 group. To my Triple S sisters, see you again soon! To Leader, thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart! You made me and a lot of people happy by coming to the Philippines. Thank You! Hope we were able to welcome you nicely and hope you enjoyed your stay here. Enjoy the rest of your vacay! See you next time! Love YA!!!


sha filan said...

i dun mind reading ure fan account..
it's totally worth it..every details..huhuh
and i must say..u're so lucky!!
even in million years i dunno if i'm able to get that chances like u..
for everything..!
and Everything song by our boys is my song of the day 2day....T_U...

alif~nabil said...

you're so lucky Kate!! i'm so jealous of you. hehe...... congratulation, your dream had come true. haha.... btw, i'm really, really, REALLY HAPPY! to see (read??) our leader had a very joyful time and he is very happy. that's enough to make all of us, Triple S happy too....... and thanks again, Kate for this LONG!!! fan account. but its worth to read though. hehe..... SS501 fighting!

aprilstar said...

Thank you for your accounts. I was able to vicariously feel the emotions and the impact of those encounters. Through your eyes I already saw leader that close ,through your ears I heard him talk.I think it was also good he came by himself because experience with him had been focused .Keep the lovely memories until the next time you meet him again.

lhyn04 said...

thanks a lot for sharing your encounters of leader. i enjoyed reading it. glad you had a really great time here in manila.

hope, next time the whole ss501 will come here in our country.

shaillene said...

dearest kate,

I enyoyed reading your very detailed story about your encounters with HJ during his short Manila visit..It brought tears to my eyes as I'm reading everything here.It automatically flashed into my mind my own experienced during that memorable moment in Araneta Coliseum..Like you, I will forever cherished that moment..It's actually a dream come true seeing him personally..I really, really hope there would be another visit and that this would not be the last..

Thank you kate for posting everything here :):)I was able to know what I didn't hear during the concert because of the very loud screams from the audience..:)

fellyz said...

OMG!! Thanks for sharing your experiences to see Leader in person!! I really really love to read your fan account. I read as I were you, I even scream and also heart beating fast as you saw him in near.
I don't know if I would be able or not to see him in person.. I hope Leader and all SS501 members will go to Indonesia or Singapore, I want to see all of them!!
Lastly, thanks again for posting, you made my day ^^

Latigre said...

Thank you for a wonderful accounts. I enjoyed it every bits.

carletMa said...

What a wonderful fan account! Thank you for sharing your "moments" with leader:)

JRann said...

Thank you thank you so much Kate for a very nice, interesting and touching fan acc.
Enjoy reading your story very very much. I was touched by the second last para. Specially this "The one with the heart of gold, who is not only loving and caring to his fans, but to everyone. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes" (You read my mind, Kate. I'm in tears now) Such a kind-hearted young man. He deserves to be loved.
Again, thanks for sharing Kate!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing yor encounter with hyun're very lucky....i hope i can see him in person too.i'm here in U.S. right now... if not in Philippines.i'll just visit him in Korea ....thanks again.

cheezeemelt said...

who you with at your 9th encounter? bwahahahahahhaha!!!!! high 5!

phtriples said...

@cheezeemelt: of course, i was with you! hahhaha! 501,000 moment! :)

kimchi said...

hey kate! i think we're on the same table during the fan meet! hehe! u're sooo lucky! but i got a feeling right after the concert that we'll see him again.. hopefully with the other members. maybe 6 months from now? or next year..? think positive! hehehehe!

raye said...

hi kate! thanks for sharing your experiences with leader to us. it's as if we're with you while reading're really one lucky girl!...wonder when i'll be able to have those kinds of experiences too....too bad i wasn't able to attend the fan meet :-(

Anonymous said...

omg, i envy u so much...why u r so lucky...?
i want to have a chance like u, even just once, i want to meet him in person...
u must be feeling like in heaven,kekekkeke....

thx so much for sharing ur experience with our beloved leader...i enjoy reading it...
leader, wait for me....i'll promise i must see u face to face...

phtriples said...

thank you so much for reading guys! I hope I didn't bore you with my super long fan account. yes, i was indeed lucky. but i would have been luckier if i had the presence of mind to ask for an autograph or picture during those moments. but it was such an awesome experience. i feel like i'm still in heaven now, thinking back. kekeke. i love u leader!!! ♥

newtorkcitygirl said...

katkat, I am just so overjoyed when reading your posts, you're so blessed to see Leader, I'm glad you saw him upclose. You'll forever cherished every moment you had with Leader, I wrote you something in soompi, I was looking forward in seeing you dyrung the concert, but I failed to see you so here's what I posted in soompi:

katkat,I miss you here and I miss you at the concert, I tried looking for you, I even asked one of the TSPH, at the lobby entrace of araneta, and they told me you left early, we followed Leader in his hotel, hoping to see u too, I met 2 more HYUNNIES during the concert, I'll call them Ellewoods( for being legally blonde hehehe) and the other i'll call her THai,and of course RED. red told me she met you, we had to leave early, I had a big responsibility the following day coz it's "Father's day" I have with me 2 of my nieces, good thing the 2 other ( one in states and the other too young to stay late, my other brother didn't allow her to be with me)Very expensive concert for me.hehehe. I am so happy for you, I sure am feel a little envious because you saw Leader up close, even RED too.She was carrying the Joongbo banner she told me and Leader looked at the banner and even waved at her. I am all happy for you both.Nothing beats seeing/meeting Leader up close.
I 501% agree with you. Leader truly has a heart of gold, thank you for your post.miss you here. hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky, seeing an ANGEL! wow, that is an experience you wont forget.But Kate, you deserved it, I'm happy for you, reading this account makes me feel that I saw him also, lucky, lucky girl.

ellyn said...

hi! can i ask u the hotel's name? haha.. :) just wondering if i can have the same luck as u did next time leader and the other members will visit the Phil. :)
-ur so lucky.. my heart's pounding as i read ur blog like "what if i'm on the same sit. as u..?" waahhh... i think i'll also have the same reaction as u did... like speechless or something... but inside was shouting "WAAHHH... i wanna hug u!"
-now i'm really decided on visiting Korea and hunt LEADER KIM HYUN JOONG! as well as the members after graduating college hir.. haha :)
-ur so lucky... :)
(wanting to inherit ur luck.. haha)

Anonymous said...

hi kat! im speechless and envious while reading ur post, gosh ur such a lucky girl i wish that i do have the same luck just as u! tnx and to all tsph as well! SS501 4ever fighting!!!!!!

khjangel said...

hi kate! feeling the "green monster" while reading all your encounters with hyun joong oppa! how i wish im also there inches away from him.. thank you for sharing :)

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