07/03 [diary] Jung Min, 'This is JungMin ..^^'

Hello? This is SS501’s Jung Min.
Always wanted to say something, but I wrote the message and erased it, wrote and erased..
Finally dragged till today!!
With the situation now, I thought about..if my message were to hurt the other members, what should I do,
In any case, I thought that saying this would be good, so I wrote this message today.

First of all!!
The activities for this album of SS501 ended after Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards.
Really a lot of people came.
In Taiwan, HongKong, Japan~, and even China too~~ Our Triple S!!
I thought.. it is really great if all 5 of us could perform together.
Thank you for coming and supporting us~!
(Firstly, I wanted to say a word of thanks.)

Let me start with the conclusion first,
As SS501, the contracts for all members
Even though it is true that there were offers made from our current company and from other large management companies in Korea,
All of them fell through.

And at the moment I have not signed contract with anyone yet,
Even though I received offers from various companies, I have not replied yet.
I said…I will reply after I discussed with our members. Currently, I have not given a reply yet.

If we were to sign a contract, we will let everyone know officially.
(DSP will be managing us until we sign a contract...!)

Hmm... We had discussion meetings before we ended our activities for this time,
Each and every member had a face to face talk with Madam (wife of Mr. Lee, CEO of DSP)
Though we should share more conversations among 5 of us..!
Prepared sufficiently and going to do it.
The question on our future, even though I am certain that it has no doubt became a personal question,
Before that, in order for SS501 to continue its activities, SS501’s album and concert, etc...
I am saying about the activities.
Project-based singer is NO THANK YOU..!!

Even though I have a lot more to write... I will just write this much first.
Actually, I was sleeping late but woke up startled... TT TT
I called the members in case they were shocked too, but the phone didn’t get through~~!
Well in any case, let’s continue with the discussion meeting~~ Let’s meet~~ With this going,
Because there will be sad news.. in such an already bad time.. I am full of sorry.. TT TT

Ah! And also, I will continue to come over to the homepage in the future too,
Will be able to continue to see me here ^^
I will leave message often..!!

Credits : SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Finally! A message from one of the SS501 members! Jung Min ah! I've been yearning to read a genuine message from the boys. Rumors have been rampant in SS501 community, and Triple S don't know anymore what's true from what's not. Reading this message from Jung Min, I guess this proves THIS RUMOR untrue, right? If he hasn't signed yet with DSP, then the other members haven't signed too. I don't know about you, but when Jung Min introduced himself in his message as "SS501's Jung Min." It's comforting. Geez, maybe coz I'm emotional nowadays when it comes to the boys. But I'm glad to hear that the members still prioritize each other. They won't make any decisions before actually discussing with each other thoroughly. I think whatever is happening behind the scenes that we don't know about, we can just take comfort in the fact that the members love each other so much. And SS501 loves Triple S! We can't be depressed all the time Triple S, we have to stand strong for our boys! We need to protect them and trust in them when everything seems uncertain. BELIEVE!


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what does a 'project-based singer' mean?

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