I've always been longing to watch the X-Concert ever since I knew that the members cried in it. At first, I thought it was just like any other appearances for SS501. As it turned out, it was a special, tearful, and meaningful gathering of SS501 and Triple S. Every time I see the clip of the members crying, it tears me up too. Now, we get to see the FULL version of the X-Concert w/ English subs! Big thanks to my friend Reena for subbing these for us! Her efforts are very much appreciated! *Hugs* There are 10 parts all in all, but I'm only embedding the 1st part here. The rest, you can access through their respective links below. Be sure to follow me in Twitter, coz I will tweet every time another subbed part is added. This is a must watch for every Triple S!!! I hope that after watching the FULL concert, you take out the most important message of all. And that is, "Believe in SS501. Because SS501 is Unbreakable!"


Videos subbed by: reena29shadow@YouTube


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