Oh la la, this teaser from Hyun Joong's 'The First Love Story' is really doing a very good teasing job. Haha. I so want to buy this DVD and photobook! But it's only available in Japanese version currently, so I hope they will release a Korean version. You've seen some photos from Report 1 of Leader from Bali, now you'll see him in action in this teaser. Just like an angel. And below is the 2nd report from his Bali shoot.

Video Uploader: lovetop7@YouTube

2010.08.18 Wednesday
Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story” – Bali Location Report No.2 -

Lunch starts at 1:30pm at the location having lunchbox.

Hyun Joong also mixed together with the staff having a simple lunch, Kimchi Fried Rice.

During this time, Hyun Joong seemed to have returned to his usual young and innocent self which on the contrary, reflect his charm. The shooting starts again from 2.20pm, Hyun Joong appeared after changing into a grey suit.

Awakening… the beautiful image of him lying on the white bed.

3:30pm. This time, Hyun Joong has changed into white pants with grey shirt and vest to have the long interview by the poolside facing the vast ocean. Talking about his own activities, about Japanese fans and also on his fresh start as an artiste and his future ambitions etc, even the director was astonished with his unique “Hyun Joong Talk”.

Awakening scene shot at the bedroom on the 2nd level of the villa,
which is also where Hyun Joong stayed at.

In here from faraway Bali, Hyun Joong sent a call out to all fans, “Please wait for the DVD sales on 29th October!” (Message on the homepage)

Shooting for the first day has ended without any problems and Hyun Joong showing his tough side directly headed straight to the gym for training.

The staff were surprised by this.

Stooping by the poolside indulging in his thoughts.

The staff waited at the front yard in front of the reception to head out for dinner together.

Hyun Joong appeared completely different from during the shooting wearing black tank top and pants with a black knitted hat. After seeing the marks left after the bike accident on his shoulder, arm and legs, the staff was telling him, “No more riding on the bike anymore”.

Heading to a Korean restaurant, LARIS which is around 30~40mins ride by car from Karma resort. Together with the staff, Hyun Joong had Samgyeopsal (pork belly) and Chige (stew) and thereafter, headed into the town to play football.

Long interview by the poolside of No.36 villa, the main indoor shooting area 36 villa,
the main indoor shooting area.

Source: kim-hyunjoong.com
Japanese Translation: miyo@ lovekimhyunjoong.com


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