August 18, 2010

SS501's Love Ya MV in 3D!

SS501 Being Re-created with ‘Love Ya’ 3D Music Video

SS501 will return with 3D music video.

Included in SS501’s new abum ‘Destination’ released in May, title song ‘Love Ya’ full version music video will be re-created into 3D. This 3D music video is made for the fans because of SS501’s short activity period for this album.

This music video will have the a three-dimensional effect that makes SS501 stands out like real in front of your eyes. With their dance and charismatic expressions and brilliant camera working, SS501 will show a different type of charisma.

JOY3D who will be producing ‘Love Ya’ 3D music video said “3D format has advanced, previously limited to movies and commercial films, it has even influenced music industry. Music video can be part of music and we re-create them to 3D music video, it will have a huge influence in the future trend.”

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

I watched Step Up 3D this weekend and I gotta say, the 3D experience was awesome! It was really really worth the P250 we paid. I've watched other films in 3D before, but never this good with Step Up 3D. And now this news come out that we're gonna have Love Ya in 3D?! Wow, that's really cool! Now, where to buy the 3D glasses? Hmmm...


Nina Aziz said...

cant wait!!!

rhaine tsuki said...

get a 3-d movie then chuck the movie and keep the glasses? hehe nah keep the movie but it will be a good way to get the glasses!

this sounds interesting though! i really wonder how it will turn out!

Emily♥ 에밀리 ♥エミリー said...

How will this work?? I really hope there might be a way for me to see it... hmm... Please keep us updated! :D

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