Basic House released a few photos for their upcoming fall season collection. Photoshoot reveals that "campus look" on Hyun Joong and Eun Hye, emphasizing their casual look and of course, Leader's irresistible appeal. Do you think they make a good couple? What do you think of their chemistry in photos? I hope to see more pictures soon.

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Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Eun Hye for Basic House F/W 2010

Actress Yoon Eunhye and Kim Hyun Joong transformed into cute campus couple. Both of them displayed the casual fashion school look that is much popular in this Fall through fashion brand Basic House's F/W pictorial shoot.

Recently in their pictorial shoot, they had been shooting eagerly right until they were satisfied with the results, which has earned the praises of staff that they are "indeed pros" at it.

Compared to the previous season, this time's pictorial shoot was more natural as both of them share little talks in between shoots and place arms here and there for poses, amidst the enjoyable shooting, talks such as "looking like a real couple" could even be heard.

With a peculiar sense of fashion and who turns into the wannabe of the new generation -- Yoon Eunhye is seen to be wearing apparels ranging from m2m tshirts to checker shirts and flaunting off her leg beauty with combination of shorts and knee socks, thus perfectly portraying her fashionista status without reservations.

Whilst for Kim HyunJoong, he gives off a simplicity feeling with m2m tshirts worn as well as dark-colored denim clothings, and not forgetting representative items like scarfs and hats etc to add on the solidity of the apparels he's wearing, and with that, HyunJoong thus displays his fashion sense through a stylish portrayal of his simple school look.

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Anonymous said...

models who model with leader are so lucky!!! X]


Nina Aziz said...

leader soooo handsome... *melts...

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