I just love this interview of Hyung Jun with XIN MSN in Singapore! He talks about SS501, his future plans in terms of career and personal life, and why Hyun Joong wasn't able to make it to his 24th birthday party. Kekeke. You'll hear, not from the news, but from Hyung Jun himself, that SS501 will not disband and is still very much together. I hope that no one will doubt them after this. Our baby is so cute making all those funny facial expressions and little bits of English side comments. Hahaha. Ooops, sorry, he doesn't want us to call him cute anymore, but handsome, and manly. Like he said in the 2nd vid, "I'm a man!". LOL. No matter what you say Maknae, you're still our cute Baby.

Kim Hyung Jun: "Changing a new management and pursuing a solo career doesn't mean that SS501 is going to separate. We are still together and still very close and we want to perform together again as soon as possible. So while we each pursue our own solo careers, we are still preparing to hold a concert and perform together."

Video Uploader: shirbogurl5@YouTube


Anonymous said...

Just the best thing to hear before i go to sleep. <3 I loved this interview, SG Triple S really had a great time with uri Maknae (i can't resist calling him Baby still).XD He's so animated and energetic and i loved his answers! Hyung Jun maknae fighting!! SS501 + TS fighting!!

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