Kim Hyung Jun Birthday Bash Fan Account

It started at about 5 plus pm KST
At the start was 1 of the member from 4men and an ahjussi named Park Shang Min(?).
Ahjussi sang a song together with Hyung Jun.

Hyung Jun duet with Park Sang Min "One Love"
Video Uploader: WWloveHJL3@YouTube

4men member sang a song himself.
And then blew the candles.
Hyung Jun was very cute, looking at the cake.
Fans below shouted 123 Hyung Jun hwaiting together.

Jung Min did a VCR, saying he won't be coming, blah blah blah...
Everyone has successfully been tricked.
When Hyung Jun was talking about Jung Min, he appeared suddenly from backstage, making a real surprise.
The both of them hug, and lastly kiss each other.

Jung Min and Hyung Jun did a super scary sandwich, full of chilli sauce and wasabi, and added pepperoni and ham. Hyung Jun tore a small piece of ham and cheese after saying "It will grew fat", and also had a small bite of the sandwich. Jung Min and the host also ate together with 2 "lucky" fans.

In the middle of the event was lucky draw for lucky fans. Fans wrote their own hand phone number on their tickets, and then Hyung Jun drew the lots and called the fans live. There were 3 missions, first was to ask him said to the fan his Music High opening sentence. Second one was to say let's date. Third was to let the fan stand on stage and took a photo with him. But in the end he said "Let's get married. "

ukiss came and sang 2 songs. They went off after talking.
After that Hyung Jun read a letter, the rough translation is thank you TripleS who have been loving us, hope you will continue to support us, thanks! (can't remember is Kyu Jong and Young Saeng came first or reading of letter first) While reading, his eyes were red, kept sobbing and tears were forming. His expression were cute ><
And I really wanted to say thank you very much to everyone. Also SS501 the five of us, we always give support for one another, love one another, looking after one another, we gotta become the best ya. We're always together, let us, we -all of us- run to the end together. Thank you, Triple S.
Video Uploader: 3kimheopark3@YouTube

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng were the last to appear.
Hyung Jun, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng sang "Because I'm Stupid" and forgot a few of the lyrics, but they never mentioned about what will happened in the future. The interaction between fans were happy and the venue has air-con, hence it is alright for them to wear so many clothes.

*in order*
Mars Men, Venus Women (Solo)
Love duet with Park Sangmin
4Men stage
Cake cutting
UKISS stage
Sandwich making with JungMin (that explains apron)
I AM (Solo)
Reading aloud of letter prepared
Unit group appears -Hyungjun, Youngsaeng, Kyujong-
Because I'm Stupid --unit group--

Credits: + (reposted) s伊艺梦s@Baidu + (English translation) jacinthoriya @ twitter + outline from ode@blog

For a more detailed fan account, visit Lois' blog.

On to the pictures... I love it that so many pics have been shared! I won't be posting all, to view more pics check out ALBUM I. I will be adding more pics in ALBUM II when more becomes available...

Download Album I (110 pictures)

Download Album II (120 pictures)

Our cute birthday boy...

Tom & Jerry Moments...

...Jung Min even kissed Baby!

Awww... so touching. Baby cried! Such brotherly love...

Jung Minnie a.k.a Tom... Kekeke.

Our sweet Kyu looking so good...

Prince Saengie who lost some weight...

Because I'm Stupid (Young Saeng Focus)
Video Uploader: 3kimheopark3@YouTube

Triple S singing "Hana"...
Video Uploader: 3kimheopark3@YouTube

The birthday boy with his younger version, his brother Ki Bum...

With Ki Bum's group, U-Kiss...

SS501 Sub-Unit

Awww... sweet group hug.

Pic Credits:, pretty boy, amorino, fiesta, double pass, best friend,, baidu, hyuniversal0606,, my orange, SS601 + as tagged


yuniya_khj said...

Happy Birth Day Maknae jun..saranghaeyo!!your always be OUR BABY ^_^ ,let tripleS be by your side in achieving your dream, I know in your personalty., I believe that you can do it!!fighting, fighting!!

so touching!!JUNG MIN oppa hug and kiss him, that's only shows that they really love each other.. BROTHERLY love..

omo!!kibum, was there..they're really look like^^love them both

I have notice that hyun joong oppa was not there???...maybe busy of shooting,? hope he'll be able to greet baby..I KNOW HE WOULD..saranghaeyo hyun oppa!!

kyu jong oppa and young saeng, pogoshipoyo!!uhu

saranghaeyo SS501 ^^

SS love**


phtriples said...

I'm positive Leader tried to come to the party but maybe he was really caught up in a schedule that he can't get away from... but knowing him, he'll make it up to Baby. He loves maknae so much, maybe he'll have something special for Hyung Jun on the day of his birthday. ^_^

Bunny said...

Happy Birthday! I wish for them the best in the world!

They really love each a happy family...

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