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My lovely triple pretties, it's been 5 years we've been together...

Always by the side, at the back, be it snowing or raining, you are always supportive of -- a person like me, as well as 5 of us...

Seriously, to say its short, it's short, to say it's long, it's long -- during these period of time, all of you who have been giving love in unison, we've came this far to where we are now...
Seriously, very thank you to all of you for always looking after us, loving us, caring for us -- the five of us who was nothing to begin with...

Right now, the five of us are working hard to fulfil what we wish to do, and working hard to make new beginnings, working hard to gain new experiences... It's a time like that now

That's why, in fact, during these few months, I threw aside all troubles which was what I wanted to do, those very challenging problems really made my heart ache, really ached like crazy, but because all of us are gathered in one spot here, shouting out loud and being able to hear each's voices, it seems like we have got to move on to new challenges and ascend with higher take-offs.

And that's the reason why OUR beginnin
gs --5 of us: Hyunjoong, Youngsaeng, Kyujong, Jungmin, and of course me-- thus come onto mind now. Thoughts like "Seriously we need nothing else, right now on this stage where the 5 of us are at, it will turn into power and strength, right this moment, we just seem like the best".

Following after the vision "to become an influential person in this entertainment showbiz world", we have been always caring for one another, loving one another, looking after one another.

There's still a lot more for us to learn and gain experiences from at this age, in future we have to depend on one another even more, and work harder, support one another studiously, we will repay your love much much more and with greater volume, deeper depth.

And so. In times like this, if we could give one another more courage and strength, it would be wonderful. Time really seem to flow by very quickly. Our companions who were always together, our forever companions --who are you guys--, we will go forward together until the end of time, never forgetting none in this lifetime.

Rather than words like I Love You, if only you could know about more meaningful and significant matters, it'd be really lovely. To the many people who came here today to congratulate my birthday, as well as all our fans and staff who underwent alot through this period of time, I wish to say a thank you.

And we SS501, the five of us, we will keep supporting, care, and love one another; we must become the best. Let's be together, we'll keep going right till the end, never giving up and working hard.

Thank you, Triple S.

by: HyungJoon

Credits: Kim Hyung Jun + Pretty Boy + Ode@blog + SS601

This heartfelt letter from Baby brought tears to my eyes. I can feel the sincerity, the love, the sadness, and the happiness in his words. Seeing all those pictures, especially those with Jung Minnie... it reminds us once again of how much they love each other. Although they didn't say anything, confirm anything about contract issues, the message itself should give all Triple S hope. As for me, I acknowledge that they are individuals who need to grow too.

From a selfish point of view of a fan, I would want them to promote often, as SS501, but then I realized, what I really want doesn't matter, right? What matters is that the boys are happy. They need to grow as individuals too, but that doesn't mean they will stop being a group. Because their love, their bond, will not cease just because one member transferred or because of any other issues they are facing now. Like Baby said, they are facing new beginnings now. And I wish them all the best. I will wait for them. I will support them, knowing that one day, they will come together again on stage, 5 as 1 once again, doing what they do best. Always and forever.


Bunny said...

I love them more and more because they have a pure heart and they are not selfish!!!

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