The birthday boy tweeted at exactly 12 midnight of August 3! And not just one but two tweets! If you don't have Twitter accounts yet, join Twitter now so you can greet him Happy Birthday! And if you haven't already, follow him in his account: HyungJun87. I'm sure he's flooded with tweet greetings now. Kekeke. Oh, and don't forget tweeps, we will be trending #501HJBday on Aug 3, at 9pm-11pm KST (8pm-10pm PH time)! How cool is it if the birthday boy himself will join us in the trending? Haha. Happy Birthday again Baby Hyung Jun!

Translation: Thank you to the many of you who congratulated my birthday . In future too, I'll work harder, and not forgetting my initial determination, I will become an amazing Kim Hyung Joon that way. Please keep guarding by me . love you. Heh heh

Thanks to Ode for the translations!


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