Here are more fancams from Baby's birthday bash... the first video is my favorite. Awwww... can't get enough of Tom&Jerry! From the intense hug... then both of them putting the apron on each other... to the napkin wiping, the sweeeet kiss, and the huge smiles. Awwww... I just can't stop saying Awwww! Gosh, Tom&Jerry is my favorite tandem!!! I think they miss each other the most, after all, who will you miss most than the person you always bicker and fight with, right? Kekeke. Life is just quiet without that person. They are so adorable. Tom&Jerry fighting!

SS501 HJB & JM "Hug + Making Sandwich + KISS Moment"
Video Uploader: 3kimheopark3@YouTube

Hyung Jun performing "Mars Men, Venus Women"
Video Credits: lupinjun + shirbogurl5@YT

SS501 Hyung Jun's (SELCA) "Sweet Moment w/ Choco"
Video Uploader: mangosorbet@YouTube


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