August 19, 2010

Kim Kyu Jong With His Uncle

Kyu's uncle shared this in his blog. Kyu is drinking tea with him. Thanks to Shirley for translating. I'm shoving this here from Liezle's blog. Thanks too Liezle! It's always good to see the members no matter where they are or who they're with! And Kyu is always seen with his family, right? Sweet guy.

Uncle also wrote ~

"It's great to always see my nephew smile. As a singer, he is happy not because of money, but because his passion for singing. That's the hope for a singer's life.
For the fans who has always loved my nephew, Thank you. Everybody Dae Bak!!"

Credits: kim65186@naver + 金小鈺@baidu + translation by Shirley@ Liezle's blog


Anonymous said...

when was this taken?

jjovenq said...

Thank you for this update on Kyu Jong. Yes we love your nephew and wish him all the best!

Anonymous said...

its nice to hear from kyu once in a while. with the situation they're into and all, we surely are missing them soooo much :')

anyone knows the people beside kyu at the second pic? ^^

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