This teaser for Mischievous Kiss was shown during the BOF alumni event in Osaka. Leader shows us his winning smile, and although the teaser is just for 40 seconds, that shot of Leader slowly breaking into a smile is priceless.

Video Uploader: iZomZaa@YouTube

More photos are out, courtesy of kimhyunjoongthailand...


And I'm also shoving here a report from the Boys Over Flowers Reunion, courtesy of lafone. Thanks again Liezle for sharing it! Hope you guys don't mind me reposting it here. I love it when Leader said "album production". I still fervently believe that we have a SS501 2nd album to look forward too!

Boys Over Flowers Reunion Report

In the entrance of the hall, there were many beautiful flower stands, the majority of which were addressed to “SS501 Kim Hyun Joong nim”

KHJ started from greeting “ Maido” , a typical Osaka Hello (* Osaka is a city of small business. Maido is an abbreviation of “Thank you always” ) which made all the audience laugh. You can identify the pictures between daytime and evening by his costume and hair style. He was dressed in beige suite with a bit rumpled hair.

In reply to MC’s question, “ Are there any happenings during the shooting?” , he answered that they had just finished shooting of episodes 1 and 2, and therefore the fact he was here now is “ happening” He will have to work hard, maybe spending overnights immediately after he’s back to Korea. In two years after “BOF”, he was not confident about acting the role of “highschool student”, but everybody said that he looks terrific in school uniform. In addition to the comments about 3-times per day shaving he mentioned before, he also said that he was very careful about skin conditions as well as hair-color to make him teenager. It is amazing that he already had gray hair and that’s why he pays special attention to the coloring now.

After the teaser MV of Playful Kiss which even Hyunjoong has never seen, he said that from the episode 6, he would be “university student”, asking the audience to download the Playful Kiss from MBC to watch on realtime.

There was also a typical Korean game, “ Tell truth or drink alcohol” Kim Jun hit 6 times ! KHJ tried to help Kim Jun, but again it was Kim Jum who got a penalty.

In KHJ’s turn, the question was “ What about your sensual place? Ku Jumpyo’s sensual point was “ear”, right?” Hyun Joong answered in Japanese “ forehead temple” which put the audience into an exlosion of laugh.

About the question about his aspiration in future, he answered "stage performance" in the daytime and "album production" in the evening. During the daytime session, there was no camera for recording. When he answered “ stage performance”, his eyes seemed to be wet. He talked much in Japanese and freely during the daytime session.

Hyung Joong went to dinner in Osaka together with Kim Jun and Kim Bum, coming back to hotel 1 am, leaving the hotel at 7:30 am in the morning. He was very cheerful to the fans, waving his hands from the car when he left the hotel.

Credit: lafone@liezle's blog


Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG! kyaaaa! kyaaaaa! kyaaaaa! (sorry for fangirling)

The trailer of mischievous kiss

I can't wait for the series to start and the subbed version of it :3

now...where to get a copy :>

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed Hyun joong's responses to interview questions . You'll never know what he is going to say !Many times people say his answers are weird . I disagree with that .They make sense but you have to let it sink in .

Anonymous said...

AH! His killer smile, oh my damnnn!
Grr..I can't wait for the drama to finish.

I kept replaying the video to see his smile over again and I couldn't help but notice that while he smiled, his eyebrow did this cute twitch thing lols :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah! If you are real fan and as we know him very well, you will understand him...All his interviews always interest me. He has a lot of stories, free flowing and just real. He is still the same since he started and that the reason why I prefer him more than other Korean stars *_*

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