Just a random picture of Leader dancing. I don't know when this was taken or where exactly. Looks like he's dancing Love Ya, what do you guys think? LOL, his hair is so high.

Credit: press.sportsseoul.com + as tagged


Anonymous said...

Without makeup and wearing casual clothes he looks 15years old . And maybe this is early morning so he just got out of bed,hmmm he is fresh as a daisy.

aprilstar said...

Even in MK shooting they caught him on video dancing in several instances. I bet SS501 music /songs are in his head like a nonstop CD playing 24 hrs .

xue qi said...

omg i don't know why i feel touched seeing these pictures. it gives me the feeling that hyun joong has not forgotten SS501.

phtriples said...

yeah, you're right guys... he's a true blooded SS501 and he loves his group/brothers. i'm sure he misses them every moment he's away from them. he IS and will always be SS501's leader.

Anonymous said...

our leader can starve but can never let go of SS501, coz its in his blood n vains~!
dancing to love ya just proved it

oh, hyun joong, stop giving me reasonsssss to fall in love with u, please.NOT.


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