Here are a couple of photos of Kyu and Young Saeng in the streets of Japan during their recent trip (Aug 4-9). They signed autographs for some fans. Oooh, lucky. If I met them in the street and there are no bodyguards, I hope I won't be too overwhelmed to ask for a picture and an autograph. Kekeke. Both are looking good, ya?

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tam said...

Oh God! *O*
Meus meninos estão tão bonitos *-*

Anonymous said...

youngsaeng look much skinner than before ??
i wonder did he keep fit ???

aww kyu looks very masculine!!!! >O<

Anonymous said...

I hope they will be in HJB fan meeting... HJB please bring KYu and young saeng in your fan meeting like you bring your brother. So that Triple S will be very happy...

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