More photos from Kim Hyun Joong's Ready, Action! Spain Photobook are out! Leader is soooo irresistible in these... then again, when did you ever resist him? Kekeke.


fellyz said...

the 1st pic - Leader is so teasing ^-^
2nd pic.. see what's Leader holding? 'Green peas' yo~~

aprilstar said...

First pic is inviting-oh what a cool morning to continue lolling in bed

At the second pic KHJ is holding a wooden box full of soybean pods not green peas .

Third pic is he was trying to peddle some fresh fruits in the open market

Fourth and last pic he is imitating the dog with their tongue both out

baby_min said...

kyaaa....cute leader... the first pic is so cute lol... he seem mature ...

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