August 6, 2010

SS501 SScenarios Part 1

I love these SScenarios! I'm sure we have all fantasized about SS501 one way or another, right? Fantasies are just normal, just as long as we know how to curb them. As long as you know how to differentiate and separate reality from fantasy, you're okay. Haha! There's no limit to the kind of fantasies you can conjure in your mind. The only thing that limits you is your creativity. And it can be so much fun!

Who here has never had any fantasies about our dear boys? Raise your hands? Ha! I thought so! Well, whether you admit it or not, I know these SScenarios right here are bound to tickle those fantasies of yours. Kekeke. Thanks to all who made these! And thank you so much to @ss501facts from Twitter for allowing me to post these here. If you've got Twitter accounts, follow them! If you guys have more SScenarios in mind, don't hesitate to share! More to come!




Credits: @ss501facts, @crabby0707, @da991s, @dieyanaO, @innocentkairi


Nina Aziz said...

i love scenario no 3 n 4...
hyungjun answer is soooo sweet...
n for others is very sweet!!

christine501 said...

SO SWEET.~ read these in twitter too.~ <3

Bunny said...

Really sweet!

Anonymous said...

do you ahve other ss scenarios heheheheh...y not make it a trending topic

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