SS501, whose activities are now currently held in suspension carried out an event in Japan last April, will be releasing a DVD of that event in Japan. SS501's event was at Japan's Saitama Arena last April. Preorder began last 30th July, and it was known that sales already came close to 10K. Following after DVD releases, compilation albums consisting of hits and non-released songs will be released as scheduled, too. To this, it seems similar to DBSG's strategy back then. At that time, two members left DBSG, yet without any activities, DBSG released DVD and albums in Japan, which still gained popularity. After few discographies released in Japan, it became a fact that they were disbanding. Similarly for SS501, despite leader Kim Hyunjoong moving into new agency and in shrouded situation, the group is still releasing DVD and discographies in Japan. It attracts attention to whether or not this will be their final 'group activity'.

To this, former agency DSP media who supports for the 4 members' --excluding Kim Hyun Joong-- activities, expressed that SS501 has a very strong linger/affection for SS501. No matter what, they are looking for opportunities to resume activities as SS501 again. Member Kim Hyung Jun has also recently revealed his will to continue guarding by SS501 through his self-penned letter to fans.

Credits: isplus + (Translation) ode@blog

I know a lot of fans are discouraged right now. I also know that some you, even though you're keeping the faith, you can't help but be saddened because there's still no certainty regarding SS501 future activities. But as for me, I look at the members, and all I see is their love for each other and their group. No matter what, I believe, they still want to be 1 as SS501. No amount of news or articles can ever change that belief in me. I mean, it's evident in their words and expressions. Just read Baby's letter to Triple S, or look at Jung Min's surprise appearance in Baby's party, the way they hugged and kissed... or Leader's ever ringing words from X-Concert. Their affection for each other is hard to deny. And that affection, that love, plus their love for their fans will be the reason why they will NOT disband. Those of you who are losing hope, please hang on, because if you don't trust in SS501 now, that means you're disregarding their bond, which is really really strong. I know we all miss them, SO MUCH. We miss seeing them all together on stage. The question is... are you willing to wait for them? I sure as hell do.


Fionnuala said...

Hello kate,

Thank you for sharing this to us..
I really miss them so much..
well I'm willing to wait no matter what ; they do promise to have second album right?
so I have faith in them..


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