Kyu and Saengie are back in Seoul! I thought they were staying long in Japan since they had big luggages. Apparently, they only stayed there for 5 days, if my math is correct. They arrived in Seoul just last night, August 9. Heard they watched Kara's activity in one show in Japan. Don't know the details though. Anyway, these airport pics are soooo nice! Saengie looks so dashing! And he's sleeveless! Gosh! Kyu is looking good too! Aaah! They look refreshed, don't you think? ^_^ Sorry, I just had to blow up the 1st pic of Saengie. He just looks too cool not to. Kekeke. I love it! ♥♥♥

Credits: Amorino + + FIESTA + He Story + as tagged

Video Uploader: SaengFam@YouTube

And here's a couple more taken from Haneda airport, the boys were catching their flight back to Korea.

Credit: Best Friend


rhaine tsuki said...

HAHA soo cute :) I love Young Saeng's sleeveless outfit! What is he doing in the thrid set of pictures down? the third set with two side by side I mean, looks like hes trying to read a label or eat it lol...

it also looks like they have someone with them! the dude in the white shirt with a red pattern...who is he? or is he a fan? *confuzzled*

phtriples said...

Hmm... I'm assuming it's someone fetching them from the airport. a manager perhaps? or a bodyguard? a relative? i dunno. kekeke. but looks like he was there to get the boys. after all, they're back in korea. i guess they have to have someone there with them. ^_^

Bunny said...

They look really good and refreshed!

Nina Aziz said...

ahhh~~kyu n saengie looks so handsome!!!
it's good to hear something about them today...
since it's not my good day...

Sanny said...

Oh my !! they are so handsome !! ><

Anonymous said...

kyu jongie is so tall and handsome. gosh :D
i could imagine how tall he is when he's standing in front of me. im only 5'5 and i think i'll be looking up if where talking HAHAHA

and saengie is so damn cool in that outfit! :D
i miss his voice, really.

hope to see the 5 together.
miss SS501!

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