Young Saeng updated his CyWorld with pics of his recent trip in the US with Kyu and Steven Lee! Actually, I don't know Young Saeng's CyWorld address, so if you guys know, care to share with me? Kekeke. Kyu is wearing his favorite checkered shirt again. LOL. Thanks to TripleSThailand for tweeting these photos. Looks like they had a blast!
Credit: Young Saeng's Cyworld

Now don’t even have a space for me to ke

Don’t know since when my supposedly secret cyworld… everyone seems to know it already..;
Then~ thought of just opening it to the public.. –
But everyone seems to visit on their then don’t open publicly~
Just…don’t hack my password.. otherwise will close cyworld..
Anyway… girls’ pictures.. special pictures.. there are none~

Recently, went to Japan… went to L.A. .. actually also went to Las Vegas for a short period..
Everyone is curious right…? ke ke What did we do.. ke
In Japan, didn’t even take a single photo…ㅠㅠ Just went there to play to our hearts’ content.
In US.. took many memorable photos..
Most importantly, we toured extensively…^ ^
Saw bungee jumping from 108 storey…. with my own eyes!!! ke ke
I cannot comprehend.. – - why spend money to risk your life..;

Everyone is still…curious about what..?
What will happen to KyuJong and I.. keke
I also don’t know~~what will become of us..
But..seems like will work out smoothly~~everything..
I’ll let you all anticipate!! But not too much~~

Twitter seems to be very popular.. I still cannot figure out how to use..;;
So..still stuck with cyworld… ^^
Annoying annoying~~

Mo (A sound)..anyway.. don’t be too curious~~
Do not be curious…and invade my privacy~~ ke ke ke ke ke
When you miss me…. when you miss me very much…
Ah~~when you miss watching me performing on the stage~~ that time…
During that time… I might already be dancing and singing already..
When I’m performing…I don’t like to pass my mic to others!!! I’m such a person~~ ke ke
Surely people who want to see me.. will leave comments.. I miss you now!! There are such people .. – -

Greedy monsters!! Wohoho!

Don’t be anxious… Take a break ..As time…goes by..
there will be good news… ^^

Credits: YoungSaeng@Cyworld + (English Translation) crazynoona


rhaine tsuki said...

first off young saeng! i missed you!
second off hahahaha you made me giggle :) i love your personality that you show in your writing! I do hope you come back to the U.S at some point that would be AWESOME!

he called us greedy monsters @_@ lol we are! greedy monsters for info on whats going to happen to them!! :D *hugs*

Azyan Aszeli said...

love HYS more and more..please comback to us prince..

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