Group SS501's leader Kim Hyun Joong revealed his stand to his team's disbandment after his recruitment into new agency.

On 26th afternoon at 2pm at Seoul kangnam-gu, Nonhyundong's Imperial Palace hotel, MBC new drama 'Playful Kiss' held its press conference. When asked about SS501's disbandment, Kim Hyun Joong expressed "Never once did I mention about my moving out of SS501", mentioning his stand to this disbandment talk.

He added, "None of our members mentioned anything about disbandment at all, it was the press media who kept making many talks like this. I don't think of it as 'because we cannot do activities for now' and then feel sad. It's not like that".

"Though my moving into Keyeast will be mainly focused on acting, but we had compromised on my status as singer too. Around next year, I will be showing my side as a singer". However, if he is to prepare in his new agency, then he will become a solo singer, and if so, carrying out activities as SS501 will seem quite translucent at that..... + ode@blog

"Though it's not exactly finalized, I'm indeed preparing as a singer. Whether it'll be with my group or as solo, I don't know. But according to the situation now, I'm preparing for my album with the thought as solo".

Talking about disbandment of SS501, he said, "Nothing's decided. People say SS501 will disband. People say that, but nothing was ever said out of our mouths. Then what will happen if SS501 comes out with album? Let's just wait and see".

He also said, "When I first received invitation for this drama, I knew I was gonna have to work harder to portray this high school student role, because I will have to get affirmation from everyone, that's why I took it on". + ode@blog

Kim Hyun Joong “SS501 not disband.. Preparing for solo album next year”

Kim Hyun Joong is preparing for his solo album.

Kim Hyun Joong attended ‘Mischievous Kiss’ press conference held on 26-Aug 2pm at Imperial Palace Hotel at NonHyun-dong, Seoul. He revealed “Moving to Key East is for actor Kim Hyun Joong’s career. However, it isn’t just actor, but the company will also manage singer Kim Hyun Joong’s career. It is good.”

He added “Although there aren’t any concrete plans yet, it is true that I am preparing as a singer. I don’t know if it will be a group or solo. However looking at the circumstances now, I am preparing for the album thinking that will most likely be a solo.

With regards to SS501 disbanding, he said firmly “There is no confirmation.” “People said SS501 disbanded. Not one of these words came from our mouths. If SS501 were to come out with an album again, how would that go? Please just watch over us.” He requested.

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There you go, guys. You heard it from Leader himself. They are NOT disbanding. For those who still don't believe, I don't want to repeat myself anymore, just read what I have to say HERE. Looking forward to your solo album Leader, and hopefully SS501's 2nd full album in the near future! And don't worry, true Triple S will continue to watch over SS501.


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