I'm sorry guys, I have to let this out. I'm just so sick and tired of people saying "I've stopped believing in SS501". It just makes me upset. Let me just write what I need to say here...

If you've stopped believing, that's your call. But I still believe that if you're a true Triple S, you won't think that way. Sometimes, there are things in life that we have to do, in order to grow. You can't just stay in one spot and stagnate. People have to explore different things and even travel in different directions to be able to really fly and make the most out of life. But that doesn't mean that they have to abandon what they are. At the end of the day, they will still go back home. And SS501 is what these 5 boys call "home". Haven't they proven that already all these years?

For me, I respect the decision of the members. Whatever they think is best for them, I'll support them. They have said it themselves, they are still SS501. It doesn't matter that they're not in the same agency anymore. We can't be selfish and just think of "what we want". We have to learn to accept change, and if you really love these 5 men, you will keep on believing and be prepared to wait. Because they have never let Triple S down in the past and I believe they won't.

Now, all they're asking is for us to believe in them. Is that so hard to do? After all they've done for us, after all their sacrifices just to make us happy, is that too high of a sacrifice to do on our part? Yes, it sucks that they won't be as active as a group now as before, because they're doing solo activities. But we can't be selfish and think only of ourselves! If the boys see what's happening to Triple S, that some have stopped believing in them, it will hurt them.

Come to think of it, they could just renounce their group and continue to move on without a glance back, but they still make it a point to announce themselves as SS501! And why would their respective agencies bother to mention about future SS501 activities? Why would Jung Min emphasize in his letter that he'll always be SS501's Jung Min? Why would Leader assure all of us, and continue doing his part as Leader by taking the first step, and seeing to it that his new company will allow him to participate in future SS501 group activities? That alone is proof that they love their group.

Think of it this way, the members need to grow individually too. They need to spread their wings and hone their individual skills in order to become better artists, not just in terms of music, but also in other avenues like acting, etc. So that when they come together again as a group, they are better people individually, and as a result, they become an even better, stronger group.

They made a promise, and they asked us to believe in them because they're SS501. Five members united as one forever. But some have lost hope, and some have completely left them for good. That hurts. Really. After everything, how can you just let go, just like that? Remember what Kyu said, "You can have boyfriends, but don't cheat on SS501." I can just imagine what the boys would feel when they see their beloved Triple S, one by one, turning their backs at them, without a backward glance. Just because they couldn't understand. They couldn't wait.

There are those who are hanging on by a thread, ready to slip at any second. When you say, "It's never gonna be the same again" or "The music industry will forget about them because they won't be active as SS501 anymore" or "The people will forget they even had a group"... it's like betraying the boys, or even disregarding all the achievements they had. When you think like that, you're undermining and taking for granted what they have done and what they can still do. In fact, when you think like that, you're not trusting. Some developments make us sad or disappointed, but don't be consumed or taken over by your disappointment or selfish tendencies. True fans don't judge or condemn, they don't put their own wants and desires at the forefront... they look at the changes and see the good in them (no matter how difficult), they accept and support their idols whole-heartedly, without any doubt, hesitation, unnecessary analysis, or thinking about "what ifs" and 'what might have beens'. Enough with the negativity! It won't take you anywhere good. And even worse, negativity spreads like wildfire making even more people depressed.

I've come to realize (this is just my own opinion, and you may agree or not), it can be a good thing that SS501 won't need to compete anymore with the new idol groups. They are already an icon. They've proven what they can do for 5 years. Let the new ones have their chance to shine. SS501 had their limelight as far as music shows in Korea goes. Now they're ready for bigger, better and brighter things! Of course, as fans, we can't get enough of them. And we want more for them. But the thing is, they can't be tied to one another all the time when doing activities. That doesn't mean they quit being a group. Just as long as they are still SS501, and they love each other and their fans, they can come together anytime they want. I'd like for them to be able to do their own thing, in their own time, without having to compete to gain recognition. Of course they will still reach for their dream, to become superstars, or world stars. They can hold concert tours around the world and meet their millions of fans who've stuck with them until the end. They can create amazing albums with lots of cool music and they won't even have to compete with anyone to prove anything. To us, they are and will always be #1.

They will be considered a legend in the Korean music industry, not because they're the most popular and every household knows their name, or because they won lots of awards, but because they offer quality music, unbelievable talents, and beautiful personalities to boot. They already got the fame as a group, they have us, their fans, now it's time for them to grow individually. If you can't accept that, if you refuse to accept the changes that they need to go through to become better people, if you can't accept the "new beginning" that Leader was talking about, then you're selfish. Think about it.

There are a lot going on behind the scenes that we are not aware of. Therefore, we can't judge! Saying "I don't believe in SS501 anymore" or "So much for forever together as one" is so harsh! I won't make that judgment because I'm just a fan, and ultimately, I have the group's, as well as the members' best interests at heart. If you have stopped believing, again, that's up to you. But I hope someday, when they're back together again on stage, embraced and welcomed back by all the ones who loved them enough to stay, when that time comes, you'll look back at this moment when you lost hope, and said some harsh things, and say... "I guess I was wrong".


Paige 패이지 said...

Thank you for the kind words.. ^^
I have been wanna say something,but so far,our members are good,so I make no comment.

Just to those who lost faith in SS501,see how Cassies are holding,and I am thinking Triple S are a better fan group than Cassie(No offense there) should we be keeping faith and trusting oppa,doing what they can do as well?


cheda berry said...

thanks for the words...really really really appreciate it <3
at last someone says something about the one who leave...

maron18 said...

Thank you so much... You're so right. You are a great Triple S. ^^ I hope, they can stay really forever as one.
I BELIVE IN SS501!! Fighting, our boys!!
I'm still waiting for you!!
Please come back to us!!^^

sHieLa said...

my first time commenting here. u made me cry. T_T i was a new fan, too bad for me that when i started to get to know them, they were already about at the end of the contract. but i started to watch every single videos of them available since their debut until today. i won't say that i'm a true fan, but SS501 is the first korean group that i've ever liked, and is still my number one, and i won't lose hope either. it might take years, but they locked me here already with their addictive songs and their precious brotherhood.

Nina Aziz said...

i'll always keep my faith and believe in SS501..
because i know they will keep their promise!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said^^
I was thinking of the exact same thing. I want them to grow as individual as well.Because each of them has unique personality with great talent.
And of course we must not forget that they are just like us,human.They have things that they want to do individually.I hope in this period of time,they can do whatever they want individually, learn new things, experience many new things, and interact with many new people. Then one day, when they come back as a group,each of them will have their own unique experience,new knowledge and together, become better and stronger group.
I want them to be a legend in Korean Music Industry not because like you have mentioned, popularity or awards, but instead because they produce great music that touches many hearts, their love for music, and their strong bond as well as their true personalities. They are already good enough as of now but they will be better with years of experience. A group does not need to be always together, right? As long as their love and care for each other does not change which I KNOW won't, that's all that matter.

I am going to be with them until the end^^

Sanny said...

I totally agree with you !!
we'll believe in ss501 always and forever no matter what happen or what they do..,
I love your words !! It makes me feel better now .. thanks Kate ! :) you're really a True TRIPLE S
Well, All we can do now is just keep the faith and support them.., we must pray for their future too.. I know God will give them the BEST :)

jarm said...

Very well said.. I super agree with you!
I am at lost for words right now..
wow..your words are very comforting..
Let's just live, love and believe!
SS501 will be forever in my heart! no matter what, I'll just keep on believing and supporting them like a true Triple S would do..
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, really appreciate it..

Cherylou said...

this made me cry =(...
I actually don't know what to do right now...
I've been flunking school because i kept thinking about their future....
Now i think i know what to do.. i will patiently wait for SS501...
thank you !

Preeti said...

I too believe in them. At 1st wen leader changed agencies i was quiet upset. But now-a-days i keep waiting for their news like always and i keep visitin ur blog and other blogs for fresh news. We have a saying in Hindi in India, " The fruit of patience is always sweet". SO i guess we should wait with patience for our boys to comeback with something big which all of us would never have expected. As of now let them enjoy their lives individually n together as well bcoz we r all sure tat they do always keep meeting each other regularly. Right guys. SS501 Fighting. Love Ya forever.

Anonymous said...

Nice words... I'm totally agree with you.
no matter what happens,we always will support them. We love them, and surely we trust them.No matter they do their solo or work together, they are always a group for us. and we will give our love and support to them in their every step.

Anonymous said...


hi ate kate. naiiyak ako sa sinabi mo.. hmm, share ko lang po.. mansan naiisip ko din na mag-quit na sa pagiging triple S ko.. pero naiisip ko nalang na kung hindi ako magiging tripleS ano ako? Primadonnas? ELFs? ayoko maging ganun hindi dahil sa ayoko ng idol nila kundi dahil sa special connection na nararamdaman ko kapag nakikita ko ang SS501. they are very unique, wala akong ibang idol na maiihambing sa kanila.. sa mga naiisip ko, napoprove ko sa sarili ko na 'im a true tripleS'..

for those who stop believing.. you will never see an idol as good as SS501.. NEVER!

sanranghae TripleS!!

Anonymous said...

oh gosh! i was crying the whole time i read it. i mean, really. i really really miss them.

it was kinda upsetting at first but the moment i watched the X-newton fanmeeting, i am more determined to support them whether they solo or as a grp.

very well said, kate. you are an eye opener.
"..24/7 from monday to sunday night" :)

SS501 is the only KPOP band that i get into.
they will always be the number 1 in my heart :)


from a very patient, loyal, Triple S Philippines.

jjovenq said...

well said! What makes all 5 of them a cut above the rest,aside from their natural talent,wit & humor is having a TRUE HEART. Ex.,in SOS,ALL loved that kid without put-on. In Coward,when they have fun,they REALLY have FUN without caring too much about their macho image.When Baby wants to complain,he does so openly.Jung Min hates to be awakened so he bites the hand or pulls the hair of the one waking him.They aren't ashamed to openly honor their moms & family even though it'll make them cry.Why do you think their-SS501,fan base extends to Ajumas?They see more than just an ordinary boy band. SS501 INSPIRES people.I BELIEVE & SUPPORT them FOREVER as ONE!

Ami said...

I'm like sHieLa too.. I knew about KHJ through BOF, then started watching SS501 youtube clips and ended up liking them as a group. Never liked a korean idol group before, SS501 is the 1st for me. I like it when they're together. Even though I love leader the most, I like it better when he's with SS501. I hope they'll get together again for some SS501 activities soon when their solo activities allow them to. I'm a new fan so I haven't bought any of their CDs. I will buy their next one.. so SS501 has to come up with a single/mini album/album later~ (it's a bet!)

Nice post, keep writing~~~

tearflow said...

I'm so agree with you.. ^^
i'm indonesian and i haven't had a chance to see them in real life yet.
but i ensure myself, that one day i will get the chance to see them whether in the concert, fan meeting, or other event,, individually or as a group..
i'm listening to "No Matter What" sang by them and i think this song fits the current situation, and NO MATTER WHAT the situations were, are, or will be, i will always SUPPORT them.. ^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for enlightening me.

I dare to admit now that I was, once, those people who are losing hope and faith. Even though I kept saying 'I will believe them' and all, there are really times when I'm losing hope.

But you, kate, you drove me back to the path of believing them and I'm sure this will happen to many people who stopped believing.

Thank you.

phtriples said...

Thank you. I wrote this because I was hurt by "fans" who abandoned the boys, and it's my hope that they will realize what they've done and go back to supporting and loving SS501. Because in all honestly, these 5 men have touched so many lives, and I want to see them happy.

If you've lost faith at one point, that happens, but what's important is you returned. And I hope that those people out there that have given up will return too. Thanks for reading guys.

chow said...

Hi.. thx for sharing updates about SS501. I am like you trying my best to disregard the rumours and false reports. It just hurts everytime I see some report on how they are disbanding etc. At least now I feel reassured about leader's promise=)SS501 hwaiting!!!all the best for your future plans and I look forward to next album!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you ^^~!
At first, I was an ELF for just one month. Because I can't feel the thing that I was looking for. Then I tried to be a TRIPLE S. I had friends in their Fan Community. I fell in love with their songs, and their unique abilities. Now, I'm waiting for their COMEBACK, not losing my faith. I'm now a True Triple S.

I know, that they will be Five Forever As One. ^^

-- <3 vangee.yoosae

Anonymous said...

This article really makes me sad.. how could some people leave the oppas just like that... :(
I became a fan of them a few months ago, and ever since i cant stop watching their past videos or listening to their songs...
many of my friends have been fans of tons of bands but i haven't taken an interest in most of them.. until i discovered SS501...
I instantly became their fan..
I still support them 100% individually and as a group, even though i'm new to this!
May all the Triple S continue to shower the princes will support and lots of love!!!

<3 SS501 FOREVER!!!! <3
-- bernice

marilou said...

Very well said.....ss501 fighting! triples fighting! This time they needed our understanding and patience......please don't give up on them.....

Anonymous said...

i don't know what to say. kelan lang ako naging fan nila. actually, sila ang nag drag sakin sa world ng k-pop. sabi ni kuya, ang weird ko daw. kasi kahit na paulit ulit kong pinapanood 'yung vids ng SS501, hindi ako nagsasawa. i can see that they are in different agencies now. i didn't even become their fan when they are still a group. but i keep on believing that SS501 will be forever as one. they will comeback as one. and i am looking forward for that day. nakakatouch to te! brings tears in my eyes. salamat. now, i love SS501 more than i love them yesterday. solid triple s! :))))) SS501 until the day i die.

- jhennie

Anonymous said...

I really loved this group, so I will not stop believing in them. I'm going to wait until the day they will perform on the same stage again and for sure I'll be there to witness for myself how great they are not only as a performer but as a person. Let's all support them and SS501forever.

Anonymous said...

for those who stopped believing in ss501 you would really regret it for as long as ss501 says that they will be a group,5 together as one forever, as fans we should believe in them we are all triple s and as long as ss501 is still ss501 we are all gonna be triple s until they will return as a group on one stage again.............

btw thank you so much to Kate for those words

-triple s forever

Anonymous said...

im a japanese fan i really liked the anime blue dragon especially the song kokoro .... i really dont understand korean but something in there songs that makes me think i can understand the language i think this is what special about SS501 and no matter what happens to them ill stay being a triple s until the day that i die coz i believe in ss501 as long as they say that theyre still ss501 i will believe them thats for sure


Anonymous said...

sa totoo lang naging fan nila ako nun pa expired na contract nila. pero ginawa ko ang makakya ko para mapanuod lahat ng shows nila. para makilala and I made it! nakilala ko sila at sobrang napamaha na sakin ang SS501! nun nalaman ko na umipat na sila ng company. OK lang sakin as in no hard feeling. kasi alam ko hindi pa sila DISBANDED! sobrang asar talaga nga ako sa klasmate ko kasi sinabi niya iniwan na daw ni leader yun grupo niya. todo tanggi ako kasi wala naman ni isa sa kanila ang nagsabi na disbanded na sila.

soobrang thankful ako kasi my triple s fan na sooobrang loyal mo ate kate ^___^ thank you sa mga words mo. nakaka-inspire!

sobrang rude lang nun mga salita na nabasa ko na sabi ng ibang fans ^___^ nakakalungkot pero disisyon nila yun. basta ako TRIPLES at SS501 parin ako forever.

to be honest Nanunuod ako ng ibang K-POP group hindi mo yun maalis kasi nagustuhan ko na ang k-pop!
pero kahit na ganun WALA PARIN MAKAKPALIT SA SS501!


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