September 25, 2010

Double HJ @ Saitama Concert DVD

Omo, omo, omo! Double HJ bromance! LOL! Baby is so naughty and Leader's reaction when Hyung Jun tried to kiss him is hilarious! I don't know what they're saying but it seems like they're acting out a scene? Hmmm... the Saitama Concert DVD is now out, I hope YesAsia sells it with English subs soon! I will definitely buy!

Video Uploader: 0606ma@YouTube

*DISC 1*
about 70 mins

*DISC 2*
about 90 mins

Subtitles: Japanese

Comes with : Photobook (24 pages)

Special gift/goodies for purchase :
--Bromide 6P (Each member 1, Group shot 1)

Special gift/goodies for preorder :
--SS501 Original Poster

PRICE : 5,775 yen (tax inclusive)

RELEASE DATE : September 17, 2010

This DVD will include the fantastic concert that was held, talk events, as well as photo taking sessions with the fans. Also not forgetting MAKING FILMS, and MULTI-ANGLES of each member inclusive.

Sale on Brokore URL :::
Credit: ode@blog


Anonymous said...

hahhahahah LOLLLLLLLLlll. ohmygodddd. i would perfer it to be minjoon tho. ;DDD <33

Christina said...

HJB called Leader as 'pretty girl' and wanted to kiss him, saying that for our sake let's kiss LOL!!! In which Leader made a bewildered face and answered twice that baby is scary :D he then said Baby is pervert after he tried to force kiss him LOL .... Aigooo i miss them :D

phtriples said...

Hahaha! Thanks Christina! At least we get the gist of this clip. They are so adorable! I hope they'd release the Saitama concert with English subs! I'll definitely buy!

Amelia68 said...

Reaaaaaallllyyyy wanna this...
Thank you phtriples for sharing this...
anyway, i love your blog... :))
Keep blogging!! i always supporting you!!

triples indonesia

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