Hyung Jun started out by tweeting at 1:27 am today saying he can't sleep. Hmm... insomnia baby? And at 11:34 am Kyu tweeted to tell us all to have a good weekend and that he and YS were able to play basketball yesterday like they planned. Awww, I wish they would tweet at least a couple of pics from their game...

And here's a series of tweets from Jung Min, all of which are pictures which he just posted on his Facebook. Here are the photos and the corresponding captions below them. Thank you Mal for updating us with pics! Love it!

Wow~!! We have now comfortably furnished our location
area with the mobile makeup kit already~!!^o^ Kyaal!!

The chair too~Wa~~~~Very comfortable~!!! Kya-a-a-a-ak

I went to eat Ssal-guk-syu today~!! Wanna eat together? Ma?

Even got myself with a green phone~!!!!

There were so many people today so I had to wait like this!!!

Got a seat!!! After getting in I took this one Self-ca~!

Since I'm an adult I could drink beer~!

Though I'm gulping down one mouthful of it....

Because I'm an idol so I had since became sensitive here and there...-_-+

Aigoo delicious!!!

All of it is mine mine mine mine mine mine~!!

Credits: SS501 Twitter + JM Facebook page + All translations by Ode


Miss Vka said...

JungMin's phone cover color is exactly the same with my phone cover O.O what a coincidence xD

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