Omo! Jung Min tweeted some 7 hours ago, saying he can't sleep and wanted to wake people up. Hahaha! He also said he created a Facebook account but forgot to leave the link! Maybe he'll give us the link soon! But what really shocked me was this picture that some TS have tweeted. Jung Min, is that you?! Is this what he was talking about in his message @ DSP website? He looks soooo manly and sexy! We want more!
Credits: royalavenue@Twitter + (English translation) xiaochu @

Whoa! Quite a lot of updates from our Sexy Charisma! Here are 3 new links for all TS fans! I don't know why Jung Min created another Twitter account. Oh well. Anyway, head on over to these pages for Jung Min updates...

Thanks to SS501TripleS for tweeting and posting in her blog!


rhaine tsuki said...

o.O so i just went to add him as a friend and i got "sorry this used has too many friend requests" lol...guess lots of people want to be his friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Same here , i tried adding him everyday , but it always sayd "sorry this yser has too many friend request.

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