Maknae left this message in his Japan website at the wee hours of September 20... so sweet of him to think of his fans. Baby leaves such heartwarming messages, doesn't he? You just gotta love him for it. Of course, since the 5 of them were so used to doing activities as a group, it's understandable that they'll feel nervous doing solo activities now. But knowing these guys, and seeing how talented, professional, and hard-working they are, they'll adjust in no time. This is part of their individual growth. But I miss them all together!!!

Hello? I'm Kim Hyung Jun.

Though the homepage hasn't been officially opened yet, many fans have already swarmed over here so I thought of coming in to leave a greeting.^^

I'm here in Japan to attend to Song Seung-heon sunbaenim's fanmeeting tomorrow as a part of invitation! Is anyone going? It'll be lovely if all of you could come to give me support^^

Since I'm still not so familiarised with doing solo activity alone, I'm rather nervous.
However I'm still so young! Because I'm doing it with all of you, I'm not alone!

I'll work much harder in future to show you my awesome side, so keep guarding by me~~
If so then, bye~
Credits: + ode@blog
So sweet of him, right? Here are some pics and vids from his official board. I love everything! I miss seeing Baby in a photoshoot! It makes me think back to those days of their first ever photoshoot and Baby was feeling so awkward he didn't know what to do. Kekeke. But look at him now. He's grown a lot. Okay, I'll stop before I get too sentimental again. LOL. Just check out the vids and pics. ^_^


Video Uploader: 3kimheopark4Jangki@YouTube


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