I'm posting here the Tweet exchange of the boys for the day... Read from top to bottom. The boys are so adorable! So good to hear updates directly from them. Baby performed in Japan (before that, he tweeted BOA, his ideal girl, and BOA tweeted back!), Kyu played basketball with his friends, and YS just tweeted to scold Baby coz he forgot to include him in his Chuseok greetings. Hahaha! They are hilarious! Also, they're planning to meet up to play basketball after the holidays. So nice to be able to know these things about our boys. No Jung Minnie today... maybe he met up with Maknae tonight in Japan? We can't be sure, unless they tweet about it. Lastly, Kyu tweeted that SSkyujong Twitter account is NOT him! It's fake. The REAL Kyu Jong is @2kjdream ... For complete tweets including the boys' replies to other people, CLICK HERE.



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