Hyun Joong never fails to amaze me in his interviews. He has a knack for answering questions! He can give answers that are both smart and funny! I especially loved the part when he said: "I want to be Baek Seung Jo because he is a genius with an IQ of higher than 200. As for Yoon Ji Hoo, I'm very satisfied with Yoon Ji Hoo's family & wealth situation *smiles*. If I could be like both of them, that would be wonderful. Yoon Ji Hoo & Baek Seung Jo... However I can only be KIM HYUN JOONG" *smiles* Awww, and that smile is melting me... I laughed at the part when he said that in the sleeping scene w/ Ha Ni in Playful Kiss, he felt like he acted better than any other actor/actresses. That's because he was really sleeping for real! Hahaha! 4D Leader!!!

Video Uploader: JangKissSubs@YouTube


Anonymous said...

This last Hyun Joong's interview is just absolutely amazing!!!!!
Hyun Joong is a really very smart and clever.
His answers is always coming as suprise.
He is so unpredictible, you never know what will coming next. When he want to be funny, he is so hillarious.
That 's why we love him.
He is not only hot, beautiful and perfect,but a very smart, humble and intelligent.
Love him always !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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